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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Fighting is a process that can be done by any citizen account from the battlefield. Citizens who are level 6 or higher and have health 40 or higher can fight.


Whilst it is possible to enter a battlefield unarmed, it is strongly recommended that you buy a weapon first, as a weapon will significantly increase your chances of winning a battle. To buy a weapon, go to the marketplace, select the type of weapon you would like the buy, enter in the quantity of the weapon you would like to buy, and click buy.

Finding a battle


You can find a battle where you can fight from the wars list. There is also a special page which tells you the battles you can take part. It is called "Battles you can fight in". You can find this page after you have finished all your tasks or by clicking this.

Also if your country publishes battle orders, you can find a battle from there too.

From the uptown section, once you have completed the 4 daily tasks, you will be able to click an option that takes you to the Battleground. If there are no battles that your country is involved in, the following message will be displayed:

At the moment there are no battles you could fight in. Please check out the homepage instead, maybe you find some interesting articles to read.

Joining to battle

Select weapon.jpg

After you have a weapon and have found a battle you can take part in, you must join it. You can join a battle only if it's your country's turn. So if it's the opponents' turn, you must wait until it's your turn.

When it's your country's turn, you can deploy to a battle by pressing the "Join battle" button (or the Redeploy button if you have previously fought in that battle). After that the game asks you to choose a weapon. Choose a weapon from your inventory and press "Use weapon".

When the weapon is selected, you must then choose which tile you want to deploy to. You can join any tile long as the following conditions are met:

  1. your selected weapon type is allowed to deploy on the terrain of that tile (e.g. if your selected weapon is a tank, you will not be able to deploy on any water tiles)
  2. the tile is occupied by your country
  3. the tile is not adjacent to an enemy tile occupied by at least one enemy

Choose a tile by pressing it. After that you can start fighting.

The Fight

Movable tiles.

The battle is turn based. The attacking and defending sides in a battle take turn in moving and fighting against each other.

Moving in a battlefield

Battle move.png

For you to be able to attack someone, you must move to a tile next to the tile you want to attack. Different units have different types of moving capabilities. For example, only air units can move to water tiles, and only air units can move 3 tiles per turn. Therefore, you must take into consideration the terrain your weapon can cross when you start moving, and how many tiles your weapon type can move per turn, while moving tiles.

To move, press the Move button in the controls when it is your country's turn. You will then be able to see the tiles that you are able to move to. Choose one by clicking it. Do this as many times as you need (or can).


Battle attack.png When you are in the tile next to an enemy, you have the possibility to attack. To do that you must click the attack button in the controls. After pressing attack button, choose a tile where you want to attack by clicking it. After you have chosen a tile, a popup will appear showing you the attacking options.
Choosing an opponent

Choosing a target

You will see a list of 5 soldiers maximum who you can attack. The list will tell you the soldiers name, unit type, skill, military rank and health. You will also see the avatar of the enemy. When you click the enemy you want to challenge he/she will appear at the top of your screen, where you can compare yourself and the opponent. You will be able to see your and his/her attack hit change and damage range along with the same attributes you saw in the enemy list.

Once you have chosen the enemy you wish to fight, you must choose a booster.

Choosing a booster

You can choose from 5 different boosters. They give you different kinds of bonuses:

Name Price Effect
Telescopic sight Icon-gold.gif 0 GOLD +1 Attack
Hand Grenade Icon-gold.gif 0.19 GOLD +5 Damage dealt
High-Density ammo Icon-gold.gif 0.49 GOLD +20% Damage dealt
Light body armor Icon-gold.gif 0.99 GOLD -25 % Damage received
Rocket Launcher Icon-gold.gif 1.49 GOLD +20 Damage dealt
Hover over booster to see more detailed information

Choosing attack options

You can choose between one enemy and berserker mode. If you choose one enemy, you will only fight against the opponent you chose. But if you choose Go berserk, after you have defeated the first enemy (the one you chose) you will attack a second enemy. You will continue to attack until you get defeated, or until you run out of enemies. The booster chosen will only affect the first fight.

After you are done, press Set attack button and the attack is set. You can also cancel your attack plans by pressing Don't attack. You can modify you attack as long as it's your turn. When the turn ends, you will see the results.

Each "turn" lasts for a maximum of 1 minute 50 seconds (110 seconds).

The attack controls


Battle defend.png When the turn isn't your country's, you can defend yourself against attacks by choosing a booster. You can't move, retreat or attack while defending. Press the defend button if you want to set a protective booster. The boosters are the same as while attacking. However, you don't have to choose a booster, if you don't want to use it. If no enemy attacks you, the Gold spent on the booster will be returned to you.

The PvP

The fight narrative.

How it goes on?

You and your opponent take turns in attacking against each other. In the first turn, the attacker is chosen randomly, with a 60% chance of him being the initiator. A turn ends after the attacker either hit or missed the defender. If the attacker hit didn't miss, the attacker will deal the damage to the defender. If he misses, the turn will end. When the turn ends:

  • If the defender's health is above 20, the next turn begins, with the roles of attacker and defender reversed.
  • If the defender's health is below 20, then the fight is over and the attacker is chosen as the winner and the defender gets revived.


You will see the fight as a story format where you able to see the battle in more details.


After the battle ends following things will happen to the parties. If they were within the area of effect of a hospital controlled by their team, they will receive a small amount of health from there (not more than they lost during the fight). Their weapon will also lose durability.


The winner:

  • will get skill and rank points;
  • will have their health decrease to the level it lowered to in the fight;
  • will move to the tile he attacked if there are no other enemies and his unit can move there;


The loser:

  • will get skill points;
  • health will be raised to 20;
    • his/her health will be raised to 70 three times / 24 hours;
  • will be taken out from the battlefield (he/she can redeploy at his turn);

Multiple units attacking the same target

It can happen that more than one units from your side choose to attack the same enemy. In this case, only one unit can attack the given enemy, chosen randomly. This is called outnumbering the enemy. If your unit is not chosen, then your unit will not fight, but will move into the target tile after the fight if no enemies are left. Afterward, you receive +5 skill points, +2 rank points and -5 health for participating.


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