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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Kesempatan menyerang

Kesempatan menyerang menunjukan seberapa besar kesempatan yang anda miliki untuk menyerang lawan.

A = B + ((ATT - DEF) / (100 / (100 - B)))

  • A: Kesempatan menyerang
  • B: Basic Hit Chance (60 %)
  • ATT: Nilai Serangan - tergantung pada kustomisasi senjata dan jumlah bonus yang diterima
  • DEF: Nilai Pertahanan - tergantung pada kustomisasi senjata dan jumlah bonus yang diterima

Nilai Serangan

ATT = nilai serangan senjata + bonus dari unit vs unit + bonus dari booster

Nilai Pertahanan

DEF = nilai pertahanan senjata + bonus dari area + bonus dari booster + bonus dari sistem pertahanan


Unit vs. Unit bonuses

  • Infanteri: +20 poin serangan jika melawan Artileri
  • Tank: +20 poin serangan jika melawan Infanteri
  • Unit udara: +20 poin serangan jika melawan Tank
  • Artileri: +20 poin serangan jika melawan Unit Udara

Bonus dari Area:


Di versi Rising, damage berbeda dengan perhitungan di versi 1. There are several modifiers that define what damage will one unit deals during fight. Damage is dealt only if the hit was successful, and that depends on attack hit chance

D = ((1 + (S - 1)/10) × W) + R

  • D: the soldier's damage
  • W: the weapon's basic damage
  • S: the soldier's weapon skill
  • R: random modifier

Basic damage

Basic weapon damage depends on how many customization points were spend at Ammunition. 100 points are equal to the maximal weapon damage which is different for every type of weapon. Usually only high quality weapons got maximum damage points.

  • Icon skill rifle.png - 8 points
  • Icon skill airunit.png - 10 points
  • Icon skill artillery.png - 12 points
  • Icon skill tank.png - 14 points

Unit skill

Every soldier got a skill with weapon. Every level of weapon skill increase damage with 10%.

Random modifier

The random modifier is between 0% and 3%.

Critical damage

There's always a chance that some hits will be stronger than usual. They are called critical hits. The chance is higher with higher military ranks. The critical damage is 50% (+ eventual booster used) higher than the normal damage.

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