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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

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An Organization is based on a citizen profile, with some of the rights restricted and others added instead.

List of restricted rights:

Advisors (e.g. Carla, Plato) are not available for organizations.

List of rights added:

  • Organizations have all features unlocked from the start;
  • Organizations can hold raw materials.

Acquiring any gold or extras for a citizen/organization account does NOT involve automatic activation on any other citizen/organization related in any way to the account that acquired it.

What are Organizations used for?

As the Organization account exists largely separate from the creating citizen's account, an Organization gives players more options in eRepublik.

  • Managing companies, therefore allowing a citizen to work for a company he owns or a different one.
  • Moving to purchase goods or raw materials from foreign markets.
  • Serving as additional inventory.

My places -> Downtown -> Organization

When you open the Organization page, you will see an option to create an organization or a list of the organizations you own.

  • A citizen can own as many organizations as they want
  • An organization

How to create an Organization?

You can create an organization following the link https://www.erepublik.com/en/my-places/organizations, or by clicking "Organizations" in the "Downtown" page in "My Places".


  • experience level 11 ( 90 EP )
  • Cost - Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD

The following information must be added when you create an organization:

  • Organization name: 4-30 characters, special characters are not allowed, except: ! # $ % * ? | / ^ . { } ` ~ & ' + - = _ and space allowed besides letters and numbers.
    • Note:Be careful! You cannot change the name of an organization once you click create!
  • Valid email address
    • Note: Email address must be different from the one used for your citizen
  • Password (at least 6 characters, case-sensitive)
  • Organization's avatar – where you can upload a picture for your organization

Organization profile page

Organization sidebar and profile page

In this page you can view the following information:

  • Organization name
  • Latest shouts (and browse through shouts via next / previous buttons)
  • Accounts (local currency and Gold)
  • Inventory (visible only for the owners of the organization) - Items type and their quality level

Just like citizens, an organization can only have 20 items stored in its inventory, no matter the item types it carries. The organization can drop a product from its inventory by pressing the 'x' button. If the organization bought the 'extra storage pack' it will have an extra 30 slots in the inventory.

Actions available:

Organization sidebar

  • Organization avatar (large version);
  • Location: country, region;
  • Activity;
    • Economic overview - if the organization owns a company, you can see:
      • Company (company avatar, name and industry),
      • Position (only General manager position available for organizations).
    • Media overview - if the organization owns a newspaper, you can see:
      • Newspaper (newspaper avatar and name),
      • Position (Press director).
  • Friends - Here you can see the friend list (similar to a citizen profile) with the total number of friends:
    • Avatar of a friend,
    • View all button.

How can I change the details of my Organization?

You can modify some of the details of your organization (but not the name) by accessing the 'Edit details' on Organizations page.

The following organization details can be changed:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Organization's avatar

Login/Logout procedure is identical to the one used for the regular citizen.

Dissolving Organizations

When you log in, you can see Transfer properties to manager tool. Once used:

  • You will be set as the only manager of the organization;
  • The manager will receive:
    • free licenses;
    • companies;
    • currencies;
    • products;
    • Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD as compensation for the creation of the organization;
    • If the organisation has a newspaper:
      • Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD as a compensation for the creation of the organization's newspaper,
    • A private message and e-mail with the details of the transfer.
  • The organization:
    • Will be set to dead status;
    • Cannot be accessed anymore.


  • The features above do NOT apply to national organizations;
  • The newspaper:
    • Will remain connected to the organization,
    • Its articles will be readable as usual.
  • If you try to log on to a dissolved organization, you will receive information about the manager who has the properties.

Other questions

  1. How many organizations can a citizen own? As many as he/she wants.
  2. Can you move an organization once it is created? Yes, but it requires a moving ticket.
  3. Can I change the name of my organization? No.

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