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Resistance wars are wars started by citizens who want to free regions from occupation.

Starting a resistance war

Resistance wars can't be started in original regions of countries. One resistance force can't start multiple resistance wars against one country. If the region was conquered recently, you need to wait 24 hours before resistance war can be started. To start a resistance war, you need

  • to have at least 250 EP (level 17)
  • to be located in that region
  • have enough currency to start it

The price of starting a resistance war is 10,000 units of local currency of the original owner country. Resistance wars can also be queued. If the region changes ownership before the RW starts, the initiator will get his/her currency back. It's not possible to queue multiple resistance wars.

Example: You want to start an RW in a conquered Romanian region. You need to pay 10,000 RON for it.

Fighting in a resistance war

Main article: Fight

To fight you must reside in the country that owns the region where resistance war is active. The fight process is the same as in normal battles. The only difference is that you must choose a side you want to battle for. The side is chosen from the war page:

Choose the side by pressing corresponding choice. The resistance is in the left and the defender (region's owner) is in the right hand side. The name of the region is in the middle.

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