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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


Drop Down Menus:

My places:

  • Downtown - Takes you to Party, Newspaper, One:Organization, Advertising agency, Country Info Center and Chat|Chat Rooms.



  • Company - This is where you work and make your daily wage.
  • Training grounds - This is where your military experience begins.
  • Library - This is where you learn to improve your Rising.
  • Residential district - This is where you rest/sleep to gain happiness.

NOTE: At the bottom of the screen for Company, Training grounds, Library and Residential district you have four (4) options to choose from, the first option/booster is free and the weakest option to the last costs 0.99 gold.


  • Party - This is a way to access the party, you have joined.
  • Newspaper - This is where your newspaper is held.
  • Organization - This is where you create an organization and show the organizations you already own.
  • Advertising agency - This is where you create advertisements for people to click on.
  • Country Info Center - This is where information about your country is stored.
  • Chat|Chat Rooms - This is where you find Chatrooms to talk to other eRepublik players.

This is the 2nd Drop Down menu available and the only changes are under MarketPlace and Job Market. Here are the changes:

Market Place seems more complicated than it truly is, but I advise playing with this to truly become comfortable with this important area. To search, select the item typeyou want to buy, when asked to select minimum requirements, Don’t Select Anything. By choosing nothing you will receive a list of every quality type available. If you attempt to search for a specific rated item, you will not find anything.

Job Market has two (2) options that need to be selected to find a job: Career and Skill. Career: choose from one of the eleven (11) professions, if you choose All Careers you will get a list arranged by Best Pay. Skill: you cannot choose all skills, you can only search one skill at a time. This is the only frak’n problem with this new change and don’t expect to find a job quickly here.

Company You can work from 4 to 12hrs per day, default is 8, you slide the small arrow along the timeline to set your workday. Pay here is by the hour and your wellness and happiness reduction is based by the # of hours worked. So choose wisely grasshopper! For the booster I would always choose the first option, as it is free. But I ask you… Why would I spend my hard earned gold to boost my productivity for a company that makes the gold and not me? Not only does it take gold from me to do but it also takes an additional % away from my wellness. Umm, Not me ADMINs! I would do this if it is an State-Owned and Operated Company, but I would not choose any booster other than the first (Single Espresso).

Training Grounds Train from 2 to 12hrs per day, default is 4, you slide the small arrow along the timeline to set your training schedule. And again your wellness and happiness are reduced based on the length of time. You can pay some extra gold to get some better training here. Now we truly have different military branches to choose from Rifle (Army), Tank (Marines), Air Units (Air Force), Artillery (National Guard). (Yes, I made those up it makes sense to me...)

Training your skill goes towards better accuracy during your battles and damage Training is only half (50%) of what you need, you need a weapon, tank... etc. Don’t forget to buy one from the Market Place before you go into battle! The weapon stats also increase accuracy and damage. And your Military Rank comes into play now, increasing your chance of a Critical hit, meaning higher than normal damage.

For those who have forgotten here is the list of Unit Advantage in battle (no terrain influence):

Rifles advantage over Artillery Artillery advantage over Air Units Air Units advantage over Tanks Tanks advantage over Rifles

You can still fight in a different area that you have not trained under, but note that your effectiveness will be dramatically lower. I will go into more detail later as this area has too much info to place here today...

Library Study from 2 to 12hrs per day, default is 4 hours, again you slide the small arrow along the timeline to set your learning schedule.

One very notable difference here you can study more than one (1) profession at a time, but you may do this early on. But realize your wellness and happiness, again, is lowered for each new profession studied, based on the number of hours.

The Boosters here are worth spending some extra gold to gain more EXP quickly for a new skill, but not that worth it if you have a better than average EXP for a skill.

GD 961: I just tried to do what the ADMINs said and tried to study more than ONE (1) skill and could not. There is text that states "Select Another Skill", but it is not a button.Is this a bug or just the ADMINs playing with us? I do not know and well I advise you to study one skill only, per day!

Are you confused by the various Profession? Don’t worry a breakdown of the various professional skills will be defined in the next article.

Residential District Rest from 1 to 12hrs per day, default is 8 hours, again you slide the small arrow along the timeline to set how long you want to rest and gain back happiness only. The booster here is a good idea to use if your happiness is low, otherwise just purchase high quality food and just use the free booster here.

Note: Wellness is now controlled by Food and House Only or recoup your wellness by spending 0.50 gold for 20 wellness points.

You do not need to use all four (4) areas each day, you can use 1, 2 or just 3 of them if you want. You will receive no penalties other than those you already receive for any of your trainings. So choose wisely and you may be a Captain of Industry, Rambo or Nerd before you know it...

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