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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


The work page is accessible by going My places - Company. When the page is opened, you will be greeted by Emma.


The work page

Choosing time to work

You can choose when to work once a day, by clicking the "work button". Daily work will always subtract 5 health from your hp value, and grant you 2 experience points. Always work after you have purchased food, and regained health back up to 100 points. This will make you a more productive employee, and most likely earn you a pay-raise.

Choosing a booster

You must choose a booster to be able to work. By using a booster, you have a possibility to increase your productivity or decrease the amount of health loss when working. By hovering over booster, you can see more detailed information about that booster.

You can select from four different boosters when working:

Blue booster bg.png Single Espresso

Blue booster bg.png Double Espresso

Blue booster bg.png Brainstorm session

Blue booster bg.png After work party

Single espresso.png
  • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 0 GOLD
  • Requirements
    • Citizen level 1
  • Effects:
    • +10% Productivity
Double espresso.png
  • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 0.19 GOLD
  • Requirements
    • Citizen level 1
  • Effects:
    • +50% Productivity
Brainstorm session.png
  • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 0.79 GOLD
  • Requirements
    • Citizen level 1
  • Effects:
    • +100% Productivity
After work party.png
  • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 0.99 GOLD
  • Requirements
    • Citizen level 1
  • Effect:
    • +200% Productivity

After you have selected the hours and booster, just click "Start working" button. If you haven't chosen a booster, you will be informed.

What happens while working?

  • You will see the final results of your productivity, as well as a message with more detailed information.
  • Productivity is added to the product queue. Products will be created when units are completed.
  • You will receive your salary, minus income tax.
  • You will receive 2 EP.
  • Your economy skill will increase. Then increase is 10 % of your total productivity.
  • Your health will decrease according to company's customization level.

Other important information

For every 30 days-in-a-row you have worked, you will receive a "Hard worker" achievement and a treasure map. If someone you have invited earns a "Hard worker" achievement, then you will earn 10% of the reward. You can collect this award by clicking "Collect Gold" from the Gold bonus page.

Inability to work

If the company does not have enough money (in the currency of the country it's currently in) to pay your (the employee's) salary, you can't work. Both you and the general manager of the company will be informed about this situation. One reason this can happen is when the region the company is located in is captured by another country, as in this case the salaries will have to be paid in that country's currency. If you are unable to work in this way, you are able to resign from the company, regardless of when you joined the company (i.e. the rule that you may not resign from a company within 3 days of taking a job there does not apply).

For companies requiring raw materials, running out of raw materials has a similar result.


Work message shown on the Homepage