Rogue Squadron

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Rogue Squadron

Rogue Squadron.jpg


General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Colors Orange & Black
Total Soldiers 20
Commanded by PeterBlood850
Part of United States Armed Forces

Rogue Squadron (RS) is an elite and sole D3 branch of the United States Armed Forces. Rogue Squadron founding members are GoalieBCSC, Cerb, Haliman, and Cleveland Fleman.

Squadron Structure

Rogue Squadron consists of High Command, Flight Divisions, Elements, and their respective pilots. RS High Command contains the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Recruitment Officer, and Quartermaster General. Any and all orders flow down from High Command to the Flight Divisions and their Elements. Flight Division membership contains the Flight Commanding Officer and Flight Executive Officer, followed by the Element Leaders and their pilots. Flight Divisions will have no more than 50 pilots, and Elements will have no more than 10 pilots.

Recruitment Image
High Command
Commanding Officer Executive Officer Recruitment Officer Quartermaster General Flight Officer
Flight Division
Flight Commanding Officer Flight Executive Officer Element
Element Command Officer Element Executive Officer Element Member

High Command Structure overview

Rogue Squadron Pilot's Uniform
Position Rank Insignia
Rebel High Command Commanding Officer General RSGeneral.png
Rebel High Command Executive Officer Commander RSCommander.png
Rebel High Command Recruitment Officer Lieutenant Commander RSLtCommander.png
Rebel High Command Quartermaster General Lieutenant Commander RSLtCommander.png
Alpha Flight Division Alpha Flight Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander RSLtCommander.png
Alpha Flight Division Alpha Flight Executive Officer Captain RSCaptain.png
Bravo Flight Division Bravo Flight Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander RSLtCommander.png
Bravo Flight Division Bravo Flight Executive Officer Captain RSCaptain.png

Command History

On July 1, 2012, Rogue Squadron was formed by GoalieBCSC as Commanding Officer and Cerb as Executive Officer. On August 24, 2012 both of them resigned from the position as CO and XO and were succeeded by Cleveland Fleman as Commanding Officer and Jasper Ferguson as Executive Officer.

Later it was detected that brave.fighter was Commanding Officer while his executive officer was Kria Erikson.

Requirements To Join

  • An Applicant must be between level 30 and 36.
  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must like Star Wars.

If all three conditions are met, this is the Rogue Squadron Application that a potential candidate needs to fill out.


All Rogue Squadron pilots are entitled to 20 Q7 weapons or 200 Q6 food if they are employed in a designated RS company. Pilots will be allowed two drops per day and may request any combination between Mixed Food/Weapons or All Weapons. Requests may be made every 4 hours which is enforced by the IRC supply bot. The sophisticated Bot allows the pilots to easily apply for these supplies and the officers are able to respond swiftly to the requests.

Kill Count Competition

Below are the rules to the Kill Count Competition. This competition is garnered to produce healthy and thrilling competition between Flight Divisions, Elements, and Pilots. The competition will last a week and end on Friday of the next week.

Participant must be a Rogue Squadron Pilot
The above is pretty self explanatory. To be recognized and receive the prize you must be an active Rogue Squadron pilot. By “active” and a “Rogue Squadron pilot,” it means that you must be an official United States Armed Forces member and be a recognized Rogue Squadron pilot.

Participant must be in the Rogue Squadron MU
To have your kill count be accepted, you must be a member in the Rogue Squadron Military Unit. This rule is no brainer. Besides, why wouldn't you want to be in the Rogue Squadron MU?

Participant must submit your screen capture of your kills
To win the award, you must submit your kills. Screen capture the battle statistics with the entire statistics window visible. (Including your kill count) You may send the screen capture, with the remaining info, to a Senior Officer via in game pm or forum pm.

Each participating pilot may win only once a month
To allow for more Rogue Squadron pilot to win, we want to even the odds. After you have won First place with a Kill Count Recognition Award, you are no longer allowed to win again during that same month.

The prizes will be awarded to the top three
Besides having your avatars posted with the paper on Fridays, prizes will be awarded to the 1st place winner.

Kill Count Recognition Recipients

Place Name Number of Kills Place Name Number of Kills
1st Kill Count Competition 4th Kill Count Competition
1st Place Tenshibo 310 Kills 1st Place RaptorJesus 87 Kills
2nd Place Sideswipe 208 Kills 2nd Place Jasper Ferguson 60 Kills
3rd Place Damien Wolf 55 Kills Vacant Vacant Vacant
2nd Kill Count Competition 5th Kill Count Competition
1st Place Geronimo100 72 Kills 1st Place Taur 411 Kills
2nd Place Sideswipe 48 Kills 2nd Place Tenshibo 105 Kills
3rd Place Captain Kushskins 33 Kills 3rd Place PMG-24 63
3rd Kill Count Competition 6th Kill Count Competition
1st Place Jasper Ferguson 74 Kills 1st Place Chicago Machine 247 Kills
2nd Place Sideswipe 55 Kills 2nd Place Darth Tater 199 Kills
3rd Place Its Jose 33 Kills 3rd Place GonzoVeritas 163 Kills