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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 14th November 2008
Residence South West of England
Sex Male
Congressman of South East of England
25th December 2008 – 24th January 2009
Preceded by Pagan
Succeeded by Noaksey
Congressman of South West of England
25th January 2009 – 24th March 2009
Preceded by certacito
Succeeded by Leo Ruby
NHS Director of South West of England
18th March 2009 – 2009
Preceded by Azra'eil
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

rolfus_mercartor was born in South West of England, UK in November 2008.

He has been a lifelong Unity Party supporter, stood for congress 4 times, gaining a seat 3 of those times. rolfus_mercartor is better known as rolfus99* on the community forums, where he posts regularly and is actively involved in political discussions within The Unity Party and also the South West of England region.

Life and Work

He started a profession in the constructions industry, in which he still works, currently as an employee of the housing company Q5 housing.

In February 2009, he set up the Mercantile-Constellation Inc organisation and took over Djar Housing. The business has been widely successful thus far, employing the less skilled workers and selling Q1 houses and very good prices.

In March 2009, he became NHS Director in the South West of England. Rolfus took over at a time when the NHS was being earmarked for reform, making the first few weeks frustrating as he was not able to treat citizens. He strongly supported the reforms when they came through the House of Commons and has started work in the South West of England with the new "Wellness Fast" programme.

Political Career

rolfus_mercartor soon became a member of The Unity Party and had immediate success in Congress elections.

In December 2008, he stood in the South East of England for TUP and finished 2nd with 12 votes (25%).

In January 2009, he stood in his home region, the South West of England, where he narrowly scraped through as a wildcard into congress. He gained five votes (23%) and came through as a Wildcard.

In February 2009, he staged a strong defence of his South West of England seat, with voters approving of his work for the South West of England. He came 1st, gaining 20 votes (39%) in a relatively close battle, beating his nearest opponent Azra'eil by 3 votes.

In March 2009, he didn't lead a very successful campaign and was attacked for effectively copying his last presentation. He was also overshadowed by Leo Ruby, a Britain's Advancement Party member, standing as a TUP candidate, due to the two parties concordant. Rolfus got only 3 votes (6%), finishing 5th.


The Mercantile Press is the newspaper owned and published by rolfus_mercartor.