Romania–Iran War (2009)

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Romania-Iran War
Map of Romania-Iran War
Date 2 February 2009 –
Flag-Romania.png Romania Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Romania.jpg dsalageanu Flag-Iran.jpg atilaa

On the 22nd of February 2009, President dsalageanu of Romania, a superpower of ATLANTIS, asked his Congress to declare war on the PEACE nation of Iran. This had been planned several days in advance and some had speculated on this, notably smif of Romania, who correctly predicted the war. The proposition of war caused a major uproar among the citizens of the New World, with many media articles, many comments, many forum topics, and much debate. ATLANTeans moved to Romania's Q5 hospital regions to aid Romania in its clash of the imperialist titans, one European, one Asian; one ATLANTIS, one PEACE. However, much to the derision of ATLANTIS, PEACE decided to employ a 'Shell Game': Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan shifted regions around by attacking and retreating in short battles so that Romania would have to declare war on each of them; this promptly caused accusations of cowardice to be hurled at the three PEACE nations. However, with no military option to employ as war would be have to be declared against each of the three before action could be taken (since there wouldn't be a border from which an invasion could be launched), Romania did not bother to declare war on Indonesia and Pakistan, causing the war to fizzle out in a major anticlimax. The first battle of the war began on March 22, after Norway ceded the Eastern Siberia to Romania, giving it access to an Iranian border. Romania then attacked Inner Mongolia. At the same time, resistance wars started by Iranians began in the Iranian-controlled territories of Beijing and Ningxia in order to free China.

Official Explanations

Preident dsalageanu's official explanation for the invasion was the halting of imperialist Iranian expansion by an ATLANTIS power- Iran had been barreling through China and India and was threatening other nations prior to this. Romania's mission would be to halt Iran's attacks on other nations and free China and India. It would also act as an ATLANTIS 'guard' nation in Asia to protect against powers like Iran and Indonesia.