Romania Unita

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Romania Unita

Romania Unita.jpg

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Total Soldiers 205
Commanded by zmeuNY
2nd Commander istrici

Romania Unita is a Military Unit, which fights at its Commander's orders zmeuNY as well as the eRomanian Government.

Romania Unita is welcoming with all its members, regardless of their strength or age. Members of the Romania Unita MU promote gaming based on respect and helping each other.

Short History: The Military Unit was founded in the beginning of 2012 by Gicutza Ciufu together with a few other members from the Templierii MU. The political power at Templierii - the largest Romanian MU by members - has been incessively used for personal favors by a few groups of interest, and naturally, members flew off and Romania Unita has split up to form a united smaller MU with its own direction. Initially Romania Unita has been populated by using a "guerilla type" recruiting campaign by Gicutza Ciufu with his famous Articles promising "Romania Unita - The best supplies in the country"

Shortly after inception, zmeuNY has taken control of the MU's Command, in the same time with the birth of the Romania Unita Party. Members of the Unit are not required to work in other player's Factories in order to progress or be supplied, and are encouraged to work for the highest paid salary on the market in the countries with maximum Weapons and Food bonuses. The relaxed policy of the Unit promoted by the Commander has been proven to be a success.

Some of the creeds of the Unit:

  • Group unity
  • Reciprocal help
  • Opportunities for new players
  • All members should develop their accounts in the most advantageous manner
  • Internal and external integrity
  • Promotion of a constructive and honest gaming environment

External link

Website Oficial Romania Unita