Romanian Independence War

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Romanian Independence War
Date 12th April 2011 –
30th April 2011
Location Balkans
Result Romania regains its independence.
Territorial Changes All Romanian regions liberated and all original Macedonian regions annexed.
Fights 18
Flag-Order of New EWorld.jpg ONE
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Icon-EDEN.png EDEN
Flag-Romania.png Romania

The Romanian Independence War is part of the World War IV.


After about a month of fighting Romania lost all of her original regions. On the same day as the last region fell the war for the Romanian Independence began.

The Battle

The war for Romanian independence started on April 12, 2011 when a resistance began in Banat. In the next days Transilvania, Bucovina and Dobrogea followed. The battles were won rather easily because Poland, Hungary were busy fighting on other fronts.