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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Singapore.jpg Singaporean
National rank 4
Date of birth 1 July 2008 - Day 224
Sex Male
Political party Looney Party
Newspaper Buna Vestire
President of Singapore
January 2014 – February 2014
Preceded by Zgripsor
Party president of eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail
September 2008 – 15 November 2008
May 2010 – 15 June 2010
Succeeded by Sas Dragos
Congress member of Chile
26 June 2009 – 25 July 2009
Congress member of Nigeria
26 June 2014 – 25 July 2014
Congress member of Romania
Military unit Nemesis
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend IV
Legend title Legends of Singapore: Morphine Battalion IV
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 5.png Chief Master Sergeant*****

Roscatul was a citizen of Romania who resided in Chile. He lived for a time in Crisana, Romania.


Roscatul had excellent construction skills in Version 1. and was a valued employee. He has received 14 Hard Worker medals. In ERepublik Rising, he has specialised his skills as a builder, where he is a Guru** skill-level employee.


During his life in Romania, Roscatul was an active member and Party President of eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail. He was elected in a Congress of Romania as a member of eRomania Unita in October 2008.
Upon his arrival in Chile, Roscatul joined the Partido Nacional Republicano. He was elected to a Congress of Chile in June 2009.

  • Elected Party president of JUSTICE (June 2011, November 2011 - July 2012, September 2012, January 2013)


Roscatul has achieved a military rank of Titan and had his own military unit, Legion of the Fallen Angels.


Buna Vestire is a newspaper owned and published by Roscatul. There are over 320 readers subscribed to this newspaper.


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x151)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x162)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x58)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x816)
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x25)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x60)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x4)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x1503)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x2)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x27)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x420)
Icon achievement Dictator Trainee on.gif
Dictator Trainee (x3)
Icon achievement True Dictator on.gif
True Dictator (x1)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x2)


  • Decoration freedom fighter national 10 2.png Liberation Comitee of Singapore- One of the first 50 citizens from Singapore to win 10 Freedom Fighter medals.
  • Decoration Pacific Clash 1.png Day 2141 - Pacific Fighter - Completed the "Pacific Clash" missions.
  • Decoration Valentine 2014 2.png Day 2275 - Love Killer - Completed the "Cupid's Revenge" missions in less than 24 hours.
  • Decoration Battlefield challenge hero.png Day 2388 - Battlefield Challenge Hero - Completed the "Battlefield Challenge".
  • Decoration Brazilian sabotage Early kicker.png Day 2394 - Early Kicker - Completed the “Brazilian Sabotage” missions in less than 24 hours.
  • Decoration 4th MU tournament 1.png Days 2415 - Team Player - Helped his Military Unit to win the 1st place in the New World Cup, Division 4, Romania.
  • Decoration 4th MU tournament top 25 Regiments.png Day 2415 - World Class Player - Member of one of the top 25 Regiments of the New World Cup.
  • Decoration National Shield3 top 50.png Day 2429 - Dream Team Player - Ranked in the Top 50 players of the New World Cup Final in Country.
  • Decoration How to Build an Empire 1.png Day 2452 - Hero for an Empire - Became a Battle Hero for his country and completed the “How to Build an Empire” missions.
  • Decoration How to Build an Empire 2.png Day 2452 - Empire Builder - Defeated over 1000 enemies of his country during the “How to Build an Empire” missions.
  • Decoration Kill Rush top 25 Regiments.png Day 2474 - Regiment of Killers - Member of one of the top 25 Regiments of the Kill Rush.
  • Decoration Day 2500 3.png Day 2500 - Box of Firecrackers - Celebrated Day 2,500 of the New World by purchasing a War Surplus 50 pack.
  • Decoration Epic Warfare2 Daily 1.png Day 2530 - Ranked 1st in Singapore, Epic Warfare Tournament daily ranking.
  • Decoration Epic Warfare2 Daily 2.png Day 2530 - Ranked 2nd in Singapore, Epic Warfare Tournament daily ranking.
  • Decoration Epic Warfare2 Daily 3.png Day 2530 - Ranked 3rd in Singapore, Epic Warfare Tournament daily ranking.
  • Decoration National Shield2 top 50.png Day 2317 - Ranked in the top 50 in Singapore, National Shield Competition.
  • Decoration Epic Warfare2 top 10.png Day 2529 - Ranked in the top 10 in Singapore, Epic Warfare Tournament daily ranking.
  • Decoration Epic Warfare2 Global 2.png Day 2534 - Ranked 2nd in Country, Epic Warfare Tournament.
  • Decoration Soldiers of fortune.png Day 2785 - Soldier of Fortune - Proved to be the architect of my own fortune by taking part in the Soldiers of Fortune Event!
  • Decoration Anniversary 8th.png Day 2922 - Celebrated the 8th Anniversary of eRepublik.
  • Decoration Anniversary 14th.png Day 5114 - XIV - Celebrated the 14th Anniversary of eRepublik.
  • Decoration Anniversary 15th.png Day 5483 - XV - Celebrated the 15th Anniversary of eRepublik.
  • Decoration Day 3000.png Day 3000 - Witnessed an Epic Day 3,000 and completed the "Epic Day 3,000" Mission.
  • Decoration Day 4000.png Day 4000 - Worthy fighter of the Day 4,000.
  • Decoration Day 5000.png Day 5000 - Day 5000 - Awarded for participating in the events of Day 5,000.
  • Decoration Valentine 2023 1.png Day 5565 - Cupid's Crush - Tier 1 - Awarded for sharing more than 200 Gifts.
  • Decoration springbreak 2021.png Day 4907 - #springbreak - Awarded for participating in #springbreak 2021 event.
  • Decoration springbreak 2022.png Day 5266 - #springbreak - Awarded for participating in #springbreak 2022 event.