Rot Weiss Rot

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Rot Weiss Rot

Party-Rot Weiss Rot.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Abbreviation RWR
Colors Red, White, Red
Founded 2009
Dissolved January 24th, 2010
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeded By Kronloyale Union
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Rot Weiss Rot was a political party in Austria. It was created after the dissolution of the Austro-German Union by Metallon in order to make politics possible in Austria. It remained the only party in Austria during the first few months after the dissolution, before the creation of the Socialist Party (initially called People's Socialist Party.) A dominant political force, it had majorities in congress until the rise of the Illuminus Austria party in the July 25th elections, and its presidential candidates secured five consecutive presidential mandates between April and August 2009.

Experiencing a period of decline, it fell from the number one membership position in late November, behind the National Front Austria, and later fell to third place behind the Austrian Independence Party in early January. On January 24th, 2010, it was remade into the Kronloyale Union. It had 42 members at this time.


During the first two months of Rot Weiss Rot's creation, Metallon secured both the Party president and President positions without serious competition. Rot Weiss Rot strove not only to help an extremely underpopulated country develop but also to fairly represent the population of Austria when choosing candidates for Congress.

With the creation of the People's Socialist Party, Rot Weiss Rot was no longer the single political power in Austria. It has now become the party for citizens advocating a free market society.


Rot Weiss Rot has long been the first part of the national motto for Austria; the complete motto has been uttered by most of its citizens at least once. After the dissolution of the Austro-German Union, Metallon attempted to reinstall some national pride by using part of the National Slogan as the name for the party.

The full motto is 'Rot Weiss Rot bis in den Tod.' Translated into English, this means 'Red White Red until Death.' The 'Red White Red' are the colors of the Austrian Flag.

Party presidents

Month Citizen name Avatar  % of votes
December 2009 Borojevic von Bonjar Citizen1704415.jpg 57.14
November 2009 Robert Knotsworth Citizen1230560.jpg 80.00%
October 2009 Lynari Citizen645501.jpg 100.00%
September 2009 Nykoal Citizen1434361.jpg 100.00%
August 2009 Lynari Citizen645501.jpg 86.21%
July 2009 Lynari Citizen645501.jpg 64%
June 2009 Lynari Citizen645501.jpg 73.68%
May 2009 Metallon Citizen175712 v2.jpg 46.51%
April 2009 Metallon Citizen175712 v2.jpg 72%