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This is an article about the now-defunct Royal Air Force branch of the British Armed Forces. For the independent military unit, see Royal Air Force (militia)

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

The Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force.png
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General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region London
Type Air Force, Mobile
Part of British Armed Forces

Royal Air Force (RAF) was a mobile branch of the British Armed Forces.

The New RAF

The RAF was again reformed in June, the RAF stayed much the same with most changes to the command structure with now a Commander in Chief and two possible Commanding Officers. The two squadrons of the RAF were ditched and merged, removing the need for lower staff. Octavian Ratstrangler continued as Commander in Chief after the reforms, choosing to take on Lord Matthew Russell as his Executive Officer. Later, Octavian Ratstrangler stepped down from command allowed Lord Matthew Russell to take over as Commander in Chief alongside GermanStar258 as his Executive Officer.

Last Known Command Structure

Last known unit structure

In mid 2012, additional re-structure of the RAF was done:

Royal Air Force.png Royal Air Force
Hellfire Falcons
Skybolt Kestrels
Tomahawk Buzzards

Last Known Rank Structure

Designation OR-2 OR-4 OR-6 OF-2 OF-6 OF-7 OF-8 OF-10 OF-11
Abbreviation AC Cpl Sgt Flt Lt Gp Capt ACdre AVM ACM MRAF
Rank Insignia - Royal Air Force - Aircraftman.jpg Insignia - Royal Air Force - Corporal.png Insignia - Royal Air Force - Sergeant.png Insignia - Royal Air Force - Flight Lieutenant.jpg Insignia - Royal Air Force - Group Captain.jpg Insignia - Royal Air Force - Air Commodore.jpg Insignia - Royal Air Force - Air Vice Marshal.png Insignia - Royal Air Force - Air Chief Marshal.png Insignia - Royal Air Force - Marshal.png
Aircraftman Corporal Sergeant Flight Lieutenant Group Captain Air Commodore Air Vice Marshal Air Chief Marshal Marshal of the RAF
Role Airman High activity, promising airman. Airman of the Special Air Service Graduate Officer Squadron Commanding Officer Command Staff Commander-in-Chief Royal Air Force Awarded to RAF officers of the Defence Staff Awarded to RAF Chiefs of the Defence Staff

History of the RAF

January Reforms

The RAF was reactivated on the 27th January 2011 after the British Armed Forces underwent major structural reforms, which brought into effect a tri-service organization of the RAF, Royal Navy and British Army as separate branches, in addition to the United Kingdom Special Forces. RAF become comprised of two squadrons.


The original RAF was formed in July '09 to provide a middle branch between the Navy and Paras. Once previous soldiers graduated from the Royal Guard or Royal Navy, the RAF helped train them to progress to the Paratroopers. However, it was later merged into the Paras for ineffectiveness.

Past Commanders-in-Chief

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