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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
Date of birth 29 July 2009
Date of death 2012
Residence Visayas, Spain
Sex Male
Deputy Director of the Department of Education of Philippines
September 2009 – November 2009
Succeeded by Rupert Jaradal
Director of the Department of Education of Philippines
November 2009 – December 2009
Preceded by Ariel David Buena
Succeeded by Ariel David Buena
Minister of Health and Education of Thailand
January 2010 – N/A
Congress member of Philippines
September 2009 – December 2009
Ambassador to South Africa of Philippines
November 2009 – December 2009
Party president of Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino
December 2009 – January 2010
Military rank Icon rank Colonel***.png Colonel***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

roymustang has been involved in a lot of education-related and projects/programs for the new players. He started in Philippines and slowly climbed the stairs to a political career with some help from the government. Inspired by his experience, he now helps the new players to start their own career. Later, he moved from the Philippines to Thailand to help more new players and to help progress and develop Thailand. He has done numerous tutorial articles and initiated a free Moving Tickets distribution for the new players in both the Philippines and Thailand.


Philippine Department of Education
Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino Party
Thai Ministry of Education


roymustang was first just any ordinary player, but due to his activeness, he then became one of the Philippines' own prominent politicians. He started his congress career during the Eighth Philippine Congress and he remained up to the Eleventh Philippine Congress. In his first term he proposed the Questions for Food Program. Due to his actions about education, guidance projects and dedication for the new players he was then recommended to be the Deputy of the Philippine Department of Education.

Philippine Congress

He was elected with surprisingly 3 votes which were already high considering he was just a new player then and thus, had no experience in eRepublik's field of politics. Firstly, he just tagged along with his fellow congress members until he was known enough to start political discussions and debates. He then also gave major comments to the country's issues and rapidly grew in Philippine politics, gaining more trust and knowledge with each political position and votes entrusted to him.

Philippine Department of Education

He gladly accepted the recommendation given to him and became the Deputy. Helping new players, moderating and checking the programs/projects made, answering questions and acting as the media for government announcements. After a few months, he was then promoted to be the Director of the Department of Education. He ended his directorship to the department with numerous tutorials published, hundreds of foods given, gifts gifted, millions of private messages sent, surveys and check-ups done, advices and tips shared, "reactivated" new players, and most importantly helped hundreds of new players.

Party president

He also served as the Party president of the Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino (eng: Movement of Heroic/Patriotic Filipinos) on December 2009.

Thai Ministry of Health and Education

He was first referred by Travis Byrd during the December 2009 CP elections to be a part of the Ministry of Health and Education, due to his constant helping of the country through his newspaper, in a planned term of Thingol. Unfortunately, Thingol loses the elections and ina_indonesia instead won the country presidential seat. Meanwhile, ina_indonesia also approved of roymustang's work and contribution to Thailand and was then given the position, Minister of Health and Education. He also contributed to the editing and updating of the Thailand wiki page.


roymustang also started as a normal cadet after signing-up to the Armed Forces of the Philippines[1], he was then directed to the Philippine Military Academy. After 1 month of extensive training, he was transferred and promoted to the Philippine Army. He helped the United Kingdom in their war (UK-EDEN war, January 2010) as a sign of gratitude for the Britons who have once helped their country to develop.

He was also trying to reconstruct and develop a new and functional Thai Military for Thailand.

Roymustang was the 1st Lieutenant of the Royal Thai Armed Forces and the Company Commander of the "Roaring Raiders" company.

Rank Strength range Country Army Branch Status
Icon Colonel.jpg Colonel Icon skill strength.gif10-10.99 Thailand Royal Thai Armed Forces Royal Thai Mobile Corps 1st Lieutenant


ToKnight's Paper

roymustang also started his own newspaper, the ToKnight's Paper, with articles that first contained public announcements from the Philippine government. His newspaper was filled with tutorial articles and was located in Thailand and the Philippines. His newspaper was also once a member of the Philippine Press Club but because he migrated to Thailand, his membership was expelled. ToKnight's newspaper also plays a significant role to roymustang's political position for he uses it to publish his platforms and presentation, introducing new programs/projects, write tutorials for the Thai Ministry of Health and Education/Philippine Department of Education and to declare official statements.

Economics and Business

Thailand Resource Storage

roymustang have also started the organization, Thailand Resource Storage. His intention for TRS and its companies are to supply the daily needs of Thai citizens and Thailand-based companies. One of his intentions are to give jobs with fair wages to Thais. He considers profit and net gain a minor objective.

Logo Name Quality Type Location
Company building RL.jpg TRS-Iron 1stars.gif Icon - Iron.png Icon-Thailand.png Thailand