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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
National rank 100
Date of birth 28 December 2014
Residence Israel
Sex male
Political party Israeli Reform Party
Newspaper Desert Fox News
President of Israel
5 April 2015 – 5 May 2015
Preceded by Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Succeeded by Tom Kafir
Minister of Education of Israel
5 February 2015 – 5 April 2015
Served under Flo rida20; Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Preceded by XAvivX
Succeeded by XAvivX
Spokesman of Israeli Reform Party
25 January 2015 – 15 March 2015
Congress member of Israel
25 January 2015 – 5 April 2015
Military unit eIsrael Defense Forces
Squadron regiment 4
Position captain
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Rufus1988 (28 December 2014) is an Israeli politician, member of Israeli Reform Party and Press director of Desert Fox News, former President of Israel. Despite of his young age he has also known about his emerging and agile character, who has wanted to take change to Israeli politics. He was elected the most promising newbie of Israel by Latest Updates.

Initially he was only working as a journalist in the Desert Fox News, where he wants to establish the base of an investigative and critical journalism. As he always say "The journalism is a genre of opposition."

He edits the Question Time - "old school type" talk show - where he makes interviews with famous public figures, seeks to reveal the contradictions, and asks what everybody fears.

He became a representative candidate of his party soon, then he was elected as the Member of Congress on 25 January 2015. The party leaders chosen him as a Spokesman. He fights for conservative-liberal and democratic values in his party. He had some debates with members of Cabinet, but due to pressure from his party and his good relations with the party president John Rupert Miranda he was appointed to Minister of Education. His young age generated debates between the majority parties and the former Minister of Education XAvivX. He overcame on the conflict soon, and his position was stabilized in the government.

Early career

Press director of Desert Fox News

Member of Israeli Reform Party

Political ideology

He totally rejects the dictatorship, his personal conviction is the state has to do everything to avoid the autocracy. The best dictator is even worse than the worst democracy. In the Congress he often closes his speech with the following sentence. "Furthermore, I consider the dictators must be destroyed."

He is a conservative-liberal politician, who believes in free-market however, he favors the domestic economy and entrepreneurs. The role of state is to equalize the competition between the more competitive foreign entrepreneurs and the domestic companies encouraging domestic production. He believes the state should not privilege disproportionately the domestic companies. The target is only to create a necessary favorable economic environment.

He supports the low income and value added taxes, and a moderately low countervailing custom tariffs. He rejects the socialism and strong economical interventions where the state ignores the principles of free-market, and distorts the market.

He said, the citizens can not live in a country, where the state is responsible for everything, and no one is responsible for state. He belives in the power of conscious community. They are to be streghtened by state.

Member of Congress

In the campaign he viciously attacked the politicians without program, and perspective in Israeli Politics.

As he said: "A politician without perspective is like a car without engine. They will be rusted in the garage, and take up the place. The solution is more simple than as many people imagine it. We just have to replace them for a new one, a faster one."

He was elected as a Congress Member on 25 Jan 2015. It was expected because he was the third in the party list. He was the party-list header on 25 Feb 2015.

Tax policy

In his first term, he was one of the most active member in the Congress. According to his political beliefs he proposed a tax reform, and increased the import tariffs of food, and weapon to 8%. It was the first significant tax increase which have been accepted in the previous half year. The proposal supported by the majority of Congress despite of the former practice namely they have rejected the all tax increase.

The tax reform have prompted discussions. The honorable member responded to the opposition and stood by the Kosher Movement in a press conference:

"Yes we support the local market, yes we help them to create more jobs, yes we make a competitive economic environment in a program where the community, and the government stand hand in hand to make this country a better place. And what a policy is which leaves the country and its hard working entrepreneurs be strangled by the foreign companies? We see its results. I am proud that we can increase the productivity within the limits of the free market competition. Our mission is to set the economy on its own feet. Our duty is to eliminate its obstacles. And of course, we will do it."

Faction of Israeli Reform Party

Ministry of Education

Kosher Store Movement

Israeli Central Statistics Office

Israeli Academy of Science

Public Education program

Mentor program

President of Israel

Israel Works


The economy is not a gambling, it is not played on a roulette table. I know, many of you blame "Plato" and the economy module of the game. However I have never heard that somebody blames Newton because of the gravity. So as long as the rule will not be changed we have to make the best of it.

There are two ways, the way of vulnerability and the way of development.

The first say, "we are not enough strong, we have not enough bonuses", "there is nothing to do about our economy", "the import solves the problems". It is the way of inaction which makes us weak and vulnerable.

The second way is our future. It is harder, but not looking for excuses. The hard workers, and domestic entrepreneurs are in the heart of our economy policy.

The tax system will be changed to help the domestic entrepreneurs to make new jobs, increase their productivity. Yes, we will stand for our workers. Yes we will help them to sell their products, yes we will equalize the competition between ourselves and those who produces in far-away land in much better condition. I say yes for the import tariffs.

We want a strong Israeli economy.

Our citizens work in foreign land, the time has come, to make new domestic jobs, with acceptable salaries, and call them home to work. I urge to make a employers' fund, to support the new jobs. It is far more than the Kosher Stores, is it larger scale. It is chance for whole Israel.

Good governance

We want to establish a new, dynamic pace of work where every member of the government have their own role. The governance is about hard work, not the distribution of position. So I say it again, the cabinet seats are not negotiable. Who can not stand the pace, will be replaced.

There will be Cabinet and Council meeting regularly, with predetermined weekly schedule. The policy and our task are not only to react to events. It is about building a future. Without plans, there is no schedule, without schedule there is no work, without work there is no future.

Every members of our Cabinet are responsible for their task. I expect regular reports from them. The assumed tasks should be done on time.

As a President I will lead my cabinet and my country best of my knowledge, but I aware we should work as a team as equals. There are well talented members in our team. During the negotiations, we seek to make consensus. The debate is acceptable in the meetings, but after that we have to stand hand in hand, and work for the common purpose.

We will increase the publicity, the governmental decisions, our current programs, and relevant details are always available in every governmental articles.

Public Education

The game is hard, there are thousand of function, economy or war modules, there are little secrets, useful tricks New publications from the government are required to help the players.

Every day, there are newcomers, who has just started playing without any knowledge. The difficult articles can be useful for them, but not enough. Our responsibility, to help them, and make them effective, and more active citizen of our community.

We started the mentor program in the previous term. We have professors, mentors who can help for the newbies, and can answer their daily questions.

I know we are not a rich country, but we should not forget, how hard the beginning is. I will propose to establish a fund for social care to support the newbies, help them to gain experience, and become stronger and stronger, until they can stand their own feet.

Foreign and Defence policy

We are a small country and we are lack of strong soldiers, therefore we have no military affairs, we have defence policy.

The security of Israel are not just based on strong army. The information, coordination, and relation are just as important as the previous one.

That is the reason why I talk about foreign and defence policy.

I urged to develop an efficient method, how we can support our citizens to upgrade their training grounds. I can imagine credit system or refundable subsidy with guarantors, or non-refundable systems as well. My intention is clear, the solution is the job of the government.

The citizenship agency is working, it requires due to the permanent coup threat. However, we should not forget about our brothers and sisters from around the world. The new national unification can be a chance to build up together a strong e-Israel.

The information is power I urge to establish the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service to avoid or reveal every endeavor against us.

The National Security Council will be responsible to coordinate the work of the Military Units, based on the foreign intels, diplomtic relations, and our foreign purpose.

I expect more activity and more effective work from the Ministry of Defence. He has to work as the direct leader of the HQ of Israeli Defence Forces. I know It is a huge responsibility, but I am sure he will do his best.

The good relation with the world community is the key of survive. I will establish six diplomatic missions. We will have at least one "ambassador" in every region.

1.) America & Pacific Diplomatic Mission

2.) Latin America Diplomatic Mission

3.) Western Europe Diplomatic Mission

4.) Eastern Europe Diplomatic Mission

5.) Mediterranean Diplomatic Mission

6.) Asia Diplomatic Mission

The ambassadors of Israel are responsible for contact of other states, governments, party leaders, politicians, they have to monitor the news, and make systematic reports about the country, mood, plans etc, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I do not want surprises anymore, I do not want to react for foreign issues at the very last moment,

The foreign and defence policy mustn't be a game, it is a profession. I want predictable diplomatic environment, and we will work for it.



Desert Fox News

Question Time