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Administration Principles

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This page further elaborates the eRepublik Laws. This is not an exclusive or exhaustive list, it is an insight on how the rules are interpreted.


  1. Every penalty applied will be counted in a user's forfeit points (FP). Review this article for complete information.
  2. The eRepublik Laws are also applicable to the eRepublik Wiki and Forum. In case of this Wiki, you are encouraged to also read these specific guidelines.
  3. The New World is governed by the Terms of Service. We strongly suggest reading it, because not respecting it may lead to serious infringements to be applied to your account. For example, you must be over 14 years old in order to use eRepublik. Any account which is determined to be controlled by a person under 14 years of age will be permanently suspended.
  4. Not taking actions in case you notice an infringement of the laws may be considered a disrespect of the eRepublik Laws by itself. For example, each citizen is required to immediately report any system exploits or critical errors using the contact page.


Being an international community, the standards of what constitutes pornography varies. Nudity or sensuality does not always equal pornography. Each case is taken on an individual basis. This includes, but is not limited to, avatars and pictures published in articles:

  • erotic pictures are NOT CONSIDERED to be pornography.
  • pictures in which persons do not have at least knickers (and bra, in case of women) are CONSIDERED to be pornography.


Vulgarity cases include, but are not limited to, the following cases:

  • usage of commonly considered vulgar and curse words;
  • usage of vulgar user names or avatars.


There is a distinction between disagreements and insults. Ironic content and propaganda will not be considered as an attempt to insult other citizens.

Friendly banter will not be taken under consideration on reports by third parties. The person at which the words are addressed should report the content if he/she feels insulted.


 The term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life. 

Racism is considered a form of insult towards a group of citizens.

The following direct or indirect actions ARE NOT considered racism:

  • criticize a nation or nationality.

The following direct or indirect actions ARE considered racism:

  • the genealogy of a nationality is said to be inferior;
  • pejorative or harmful terms or stereotypes are used from the nation/nationality.


Spam cases include, but are not limited to, the following cases:

  • articles not related to eRepublik ;
  • transmitting any unsolicited, unauthorized materials or any other form of solicitation that ERPK Web considers in its sole discretion to be of such nature;
  • posting comments which are not related to the conversation;
  • multiple posting comments in a short period of time, and publishing duplicate articles;
  • posting material that is not authored by the publisher himself or herself;
  • posting article comments in order to advertise products or companies;
  • proposing addition of new in game countries;
  • promoting an article by publishing multiple articles in one or more countries having the same subject or linking to the promoted article;
  • lottery/betting articles (see an exception below).

The following actions ARE NOT considered spam:

  • lottery/betting articles made by using the article's Endorsement feature (notice that the eRepublik staff will not offer help with potential cheating/scams made by the author);
  • posting articles in a language that is different from the language of the country in which the article is published;
  • creating original content which contains poems, humor, jokes or irony, as long as the content is respecting the other eRepublik Laws;
  • creating articles dedicated to Winter, Spring.. etc (Seasonal) holidays, contests;
  • posting shouts with the spam content mentioned above under the Military Unit Feeds (MU Commander is able to remove those shouts/kick the members out).

NOTE: Articles published in the "Social interactions and entertainment" category, which content is not related to eRepublik will be again moderated according to the eRepublik Rules.


Flaming includes, but is not limited to, the following cases:

  • usage of names of real life convicts (for various issues murder/rape/theft);
  • usage or names of or references to any real life massacre/genocide;
  • proposing addition of new in game territories;
  • usage of any picture/avatar/logo with the intention of defaming the national symbols of any country;
  • negative attitude toward any eRepublik official account (e.g. Plato) or any eRepublik employee;
  • negative attitude toward any action(s) or lack of action(s) from the part of the eRepublik team;
  • negative attitude toward any game mechanics update(s);
  • publishing ticket responses in any form without consent;
  • encouraging the making of mass/duplicate-tickets.


The following actions are considered cases of advertising for external products:

  • posting any links or mentions to other games;
  • posting links or mentions to other websites that are not related to eRepublik;
  • promotion and/or usage of any (automated) scripts that modify the eRepublik website;
  • advertising other not related to eRepublik products, services, charities, religions, organizations, etc.

Multiple citizen accounts

A real user may express his/her will upon only one citizen. The following actions are considered a breach of the eRepublik Laws:

  • creation of multiple citizen accounts;
  • controlling more that one not permanently suspended citizen account in any given period of time;
  • "sitting" - entering someone's citizen account while he/she is on vacation or in order to perform task in the name of that person;
  • transferring assets from an "old" account to a "new" account both administrated by the same person.

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