Russia-Romania War

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Russia-Romania War
Map of Russia-Romania War
Date April 17th 2009 - –
October 29th 2009
Location Russia
Territorial Changes North Caucasus conquered by Russia
Fights 73429
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia Flag-Romania.png Romania
Commanders and Leaders
borges16 dani36

Russia - Romania War started with Russian declaration of war on 17th April 2009[1]. Reason behind this declaration was to put Romania under three front attack (Romania was already fighting against Indonesia and Hungary. This war would also make easier for Russia to liberate their regions from Romanian occupation.


There is total of 9 battles in this war. Russia started it's first attack into Romanian occupied Russian region, Urals, on 18th April 2009. Romanian soldiers won that battle. After few days of peace, on 24th April Russia continued it's attack on another Romanian occupied Russian region, North Caucasus. Romania retreated that battle and region moved to Russia. This was the only territorial change during whole war.

Next battles were made just to block Romania. Russia attacked 5 times into Urals, once into Eastern Siberia and once into Central Black Earth. Romania won all battles. There were no active battles after 10th of May 2009. War ended on October 29th with peace treaty[2].


Russia was able to conquer one of their Romanian occupied regions. It also drained much damage from other Romanian fronts and helped its allies to fight against Romania. Eventually Russia and Romania made peace treaty with each other on October 2009, almost 5 months after last battle of the war.