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Ryan Dagari

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth 21 August 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Gauteng
Sex Male
Newspaper The Cape Weekly
Party president of Dem. Anarcho-Socialism Party
November 2008 – January 2009
Congress member of South Africa
26 October 2008 – 25 November 2008
Party president of African Dignity Front
Military rank Icon rank Captain***.png Captain***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ryan Dagari was a citizen of South Africa.
Ryan Dagari was a South African politician, publisher, and entrepreneur. He had exemplary experience in many fields, starting small and eventually leading on his dreams. Shortly after the V1 launch of Erepublik, Ryan Dagari began to drift away from his news company and more into politics.

Early Life

Ryan Dagari was born in the middle of beta, on August 21st 2008. Only a few days later he started his first newspaper company, joined the African Socialist Party (ASP), and began working for an adequate job. Much of his first month was filled with wordy attacks towards the Black Lion Front party (BLF), a competitor of the ASP.

Croatian Invasion

In September of 2008, as Dagari began to encompass his life and what he was going to do with it, the Croatian takeover began. The sudden collapse of organized government and the replacement of a dictatorship collapsed the ASP, as many of its members fled to Norway. Ryan stayed, however, and entered the BLF to his dismay, being it the only other "Socialist" party. The BLF opened its arms to most ASP members, and many eases were made, however, Dagari never left his "personal discomfort" for Esteban Delgado (BLF President).

During the Croatian Invasion's first month, Dagari helped in the attempt to overthrow the CAU Croatian - African UNION dominance with the use of his newspaper and his votes. Unfortunately, the coup' failed, and Dagari, as well as the rest of South Africa, was plunged into the second month of tyranny.

Political Life

  • Dagari originally was a member of the ASP. (August)
  • ASP fell, Dagari fled to the BLF. (September)
  • Croatian invasion began, Dagari became a political activist. (September)
  • Dagari was nominated for a mayor to become a representative of SAIL, but failed to reel in enough votes. (September)
  • Dagari is voted to become the foreign minister of S.A.I.L. which he remains to this day. (Late September-?)
  • Dagari gains trust and is voted into congress. (October)
  • Dagari attempts to reform taxes and fix the recession, but fails to gain popularity in votes. (October)
  • Dagari is voted into congress, after his good charisma skills with the leading members of his party. (November)
  • Dagari moves on from the BLF, and creates his own party, the DAS (Democratic Anarcho-Socialism) party. (November)
  • Dagari promotes the war effort in Argentina against the Indonesians, and supplies gifts. (November)
  • Dagari nominates the SAIL candidate Deus Ex as president of South Africa in December on behalf of his party. (December)
  • Dagari nominates the BLF candidate Hireshmont Vellos for president of South Africa in January on behalf of his party. (January)
  • Dagari nominates the BLF candidate Brendan Austerion for president of South Africa in January on behalf of his party. (February)
  • Dagari nominates the BLF candidate Jizzie for president of South Africa in March on behalf of his party. (March)
  • Dagari is placed as Director of Intelligence under the Jizzie administration. (March)
  • Dagari is elected into congress in North-West representing a Far Left party for the first time.

Dagari is a highly charismatic figure who always takes the best points and stresses them. He will often times weave obvious dark humor into some of his responses (accustom to most SAIL members) while still retaining a very serious outlook.


In December Dagari creates SAIA (South African Intelligence Agency) under the military wing of the government. It is not an official ministry, and its information is only for the paratroopers.

In January the ministry of intelligence becomes an official ministry and Browski places Black8Shadow in charge, while he placed Dagari in the ministry of Safety and Security. With the expectation of more international and internal intelligence, Browski requested that both Dagari and Shadow work together for the good of South Africa. Dagari tried, but Dagari believed that he should have the ministry position since he created SAIA and ran it out of his own money. The result was that there were two intelligence organizations running at the same time. During a suspected scandal of Browski where 400g and war might have been involved, Browski was almost tried for treason but was exempted after evidence was found unpublishable. The public never learned about the incident until recently. Browski, while quite angry he was investigated, was proud to know the intelligence agency was doing its job and commended Dagari and Brendan.

In February, ERDWURM handed over the intelligence ministry to Dagari. While sceptic of doing this, he decided to give it to Dagari since he was more capable than Black8Shadow, and Shadow was given the ministry of Safety and Security. While there was still no co-operation with Black8Shadow and Dagari, Dagari refused to follow ERDWURMS orders (To only report and investigate what he wanted.) since ERDWURM never requested any info. Dagari decided to start internal investigation up once more on congressmen, and after hitting ERD's profile and noticing he had extra donations to people in Indonesia and Italy, who were also only several days old, Dagari reported ERD for multi-accounting. He came out innocent for the multi-accounting, but came out guilty for abuse of the constitution after creating a false treason trial against Dagari.

In March, Jizzie, the first BLF president, created the Ministry of Security and two departments under it; The department of defence and the department of intelligence. Dagari was placed in the intelligence department, and with a fresh set of two new people to work with, began Operation Media Surge, a prospected plan to educate Indonesian citizens about South Africa's struggle, as well as patriotic citizens to help the cause.

Political Investigation

Ryan is becoming infamous for his attempts at investigating Presidents and Congressmen for corruption. He believes it is his "moral duty" to make sure that presidents and congressmen do not have multis or accept foreign bribes, and took it upon himself to make sure it does not go unpunished. So far, he has not found any corruption that results in a ban. The first infamous investigation was on President Browski, but failed. A second infamous investigation was on President ERDWURM, which resulted in the release of a major scandal involving abuse of the constitution and citizens rights.

Economic Life

Dagari started out as a minute housing builder, and frequently jumped job to job for the best pay. He kept doing this for most of his life until early November, when he founded Dagari's Sexy Gifts, a gift company that pledges to give some of the highest wages and the cheapest products.

Dagari was banned just as his company Dagari's Sexy Gifts started to have an impact on reducing gift prices, and in his temporary ban time frame, his company ran out of money, supplies, and workers, leaving him a shrivelled mess of nothing to work with.


The Cape Weekly is the newspaper owned and published by Dagari. There are 80 readers subscribed to this newspaper. In August of 2009, he started a radio podcast on youtube accessible from his newspaper.


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Hard Worker (x5)
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Congress Member (x6)
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Super Soldier (x2)