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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth August 23, 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper Ryoushi's Daily Catch
Congress member of North Korea
25 October 2010 – 25 February 2011
Congress member of Japan
July 2010 – October 2010
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ryoushi was a citizen of Japan. His name means "fisherman" in Japanese.

Ryoushi was born on the banks of the Tawa River, outside the city of Tokyo. He spent more than a year living in Japan where he was a five-time congressman and respected citizen. In October 2010 he emigrated to North Korea with many of his closest allies but returns to Japan in March 2011. In his free time, he was an avid fisherman and often shared his catch with his friends in Japan.

Ryoushi has his own newspaper, Ryoushi's Daily Catch, which sporadically updated with personal observations about the New World, as well as political editorials.


Ryoushi was born without a referral but set his mind to getting involved in Japan and starting his life on the right foot. He had an older brother who was born as a loyal North Korean, who upon entry into the New World, sadly found out he was a Russian citizen stuck in the cold, ignored region of Hwangae. Discouraged and hungry, his brother eventually committed suicide.

Hoping to avoid the same fate, Ryoushi took a job at a government run food company and began training in military exercises as soon as possible. It was not long before he found a new job working at a moving ticket company for a Japanese businessman named Chaotic1. He went on to become the top employee at Mile High Club. He later bounced from job to job, rarely finding steady employment. Coming from a rural fishing background, Ryoushi at times found it difficult to adapt to the modern Japanese lifestyle. He wrote about his experiences as a big city worker in an article titled Election thoughts from behind the ticket counter.

Not knowing much about Japanese politics, Ryoushi started out as a member of the Godzilla Party, in homage to his dead brother. The veteran members of Godzilla Party were North Korean refugees who had been able to do what Ryoushi's brother had not: get out of the occupied zones and start a new life elsewhere. Ryoushi began participating on the Japanese forums and became a mobile voter for the Godzilla Party. Eventually, he switched parties to the Tequila Fitness Club, hoping to spread his message of an efficient min-max lifestyle to a new group of players. It was there in TFC that Ryoushi began to get more deeply involved in the country's politics, and in his first run at Congress, he was elected by a narrow margin. Ryoushi's daily dedication to physical fitness and military training paid off: he won the XP tiebreaker against an opponent who was born a month earlier than him. On December 25, Ryoushi was re-elected to Congress for a second term.

At the start of his military career Ryoushi was a regular participant in the Latvia-Lithuania training wars, and later, the Southeast Asian War Games. He fought for Japan on the losing side of the Theocratic War. He later helped defend Malaysia against Indonesian attacks at Peninsular Malaysia. In December 2009 he fought "berzerker" in Japan's successful defense of Kyushu during the Second Kyushu Controversy. Because his congressional obligations kept him land-locked, he participated in World War IV mainly as a defensive soldier for Malaysia and Greece.

Ryoushi ran unsuccessfully for Tequila Fitness Club president in January. By February, he was forced to revert to two-click status. Due to reaching adulthood and moving to urban areas, Ryoushi's fishing time had diminished, and he was no longer able to make a living from catching fish. A proficient gambler, Ryoushi spent the next two months in poker rooms throughout Macau, rebuilding his bankroll and anticipating his return to active play. By the middle of March, he was back to active status, and joined the Japanese Imperial Army. He deployed multiple times to Australia and South Africa during World War V, fighting in several major battles and contributing his small percentage to the overall effort of EDEN and Brolliance forces.

Ryoushi was a participant and notable supporter of Japan's War of Lulz. He wrote the article WTF, I Never Signed the Righteous Nation Philosophy! on the eve of the war. Ryoushi was one of the most consistent soldiers for the Japanese side during the war with South Korea, often placing in the top ten for most damage dealt. He also participated in high level strategy discussions as Japan rolled through the South Korean countryside and temporarily conquered the entire country.

During the worldwide malaise that struck eRepublik with the release of v2, Ryoushi remained a relatively active Japanese citizen. He was part of the small elite Japanese unit that made coordinated actions on the new v2 battlefield and he finished v2 with a positive kill: death ratio. After spending many months as a mobile soldier, Ryoushi served in Japan's Congress for three consecutive months while the country struggled with large scale inactivity and a coordinated PTO attempt from Indonesia.

Ryoushi resigned from Congress and quickly moved to North Korea in October 2010, mere hours after an article titled The successful North Korean PTO of Japan was published in the Japanese media. He was approved as a citizen of North Korea alongside the well-known players Lejina and Vai Siv. All three players, as well as several other ex-Japanese, joined the City Party and prepared for congressional elections. Ryoushi was elected as representative of Chagang later that month. To this day there is some debate as to whether the "North Korean PTO" should be considered real or a parody, since Ryoushi and many of his allies made important contributions to Japan during their time there. For his part, Ryoushi wrote several wiki entries about Japan and was a moderate voice in the often hostile debate rooms of Japan's political scene.

Ryoushi was a four-time Congress member in North Korea and editor of the Korean Central News, a state-sponsored propaganda rag. During his time in North Korea the country never had an organized military unit, so Ryoushi fought mercenary-style in training wars and regional skirmishes, and gradually increased his strength. His political ally Kaigefoh managed to win one Presidential elections, however, most of his group's efforts to rebuild North Korea into an independent state were stymied by Chinese interests. The remaining members of FoH, including Ryoushi, returned to Japan in March 2011. Ryoushi earned his first Battle Hero medal in March 2011 during a JIA operation in Indonesia.

Ryoushi's return to Japan marked the beginning of the most stable period of his Life. The old political divisions in Japan started to be less important, and the country as a whole became less dramatic and more organized than in the past. Several veteran Japanese citizens have now played the game for two or more years, and many of them have taken on the attitude of apathetic old soldiers who have fought in many great battles and now wish to enjoy the calmness after a storm. Ryoushi has unsuccessfully campaigned for Congress a few times, but remains an active member of the military and occasional voice in the national discourse. For the first time, he is a land owner, running a self-sufficient estate of low-tech farms and mines. As a country, Japan has cunningly played the global political game and managed to stay relatively unthreatened, although China remains a dangerous enemy looming nearby.

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