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General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Language Hebrew and English
Owner I am John Galt
Founded August 25, 2012
Subscribers 19
Articles 7
Content Political
S`emeq is an Israeli newspaper founded on August 25th, 2012, by I am John Galt. Originally named "Boddha's Chronicle" it was changed to its current name by June 2014.

Its name comes from the Israeli colloquial saying "S`emeq" (סעמק, should be transliterated as Sʿēmeq), meaning to express anguish and dissatisfaction. "S`emeq" untimately is a distortion of the Arabic phrase Kus ʾĒmek (كس امك, your mother's vagina) meaning to express the same emotions.

It currently serves as the official herald of the Hasmoneans party.

The newspaper's logo is the Hebrew term "S`emeq" written in Hebrew.