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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

SEAL Team 6

SEAL Team 6.jpg

SEALS like it Wet!

General Information
Founded October 01, 2009
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Colors Black and Yellow
Part of United States Armed Forces

SEAL Team 6 commonly known as ST6, was an Elite Mobile Branch of the United States Armed Forces with the task of fighting for Icon-USA.png America and it's allies. SEAL Team 6 was a Closed Military Unit and before joining, form had to be submitted. After filling out the form a member of the ST6 Command Team contacts the applicant if he/she was accepted or not. If accepted recruit was placed into TST6 commonly known as Pups.

SEAL Team 6 applicants were not let in based on Rank and Strength it was based on Activity, Ability to be on IRC and to be able to work in Communes and all applications are decided on a case by case basis.

SEAL had more than 100 members in the unit. It is uncertain when, but SEAL Team 6, the US Military and the US Marines have merged together to become a Powerful MU, War Inc.


SEAL Team 6 were split into 3 main groups which were each split into smaller Platoons consisting of about 10 or 11 members each. The three main groups were as follow:


TST6 more commonly referred to by the SEALS as Pups are the new trainees these members are the new applicants who have been accepted and are now on a 3-week trial and at the end of the trial, some are accepted as full members while the others are declined as full members. This is the first stage of any SEALS life and is the hardest as you have to get used to life as a SEAL.

Red Team

Red Team is the main group of SEALS everyone who was accepted from Pups is moved into Red Team and then placed into their new platoons (TST6 have separate platoons) Red Team are the main backbone of the SEALS and are the normal everyday soldiers. They Get Supplied once a day with tanks and if needed moving money or food.

Gold Team

Gold Team are the most Elite and Oldest of the SEALS that have been promoted from Red Team for being loyal and experienced members. This Team is supplied twice a day, unlike the other two teams. Gold Team members must first have been in Red Team for at least 1 month before being eligible to join the Gold Team.

Command/Officer Groups

Command: The Command Team of SEAL Team 6 consists of a CO and two XO's who were the main leaders of the Military Unit; Last known CO's were Julian Mizu, SGTRock, Binda33 and Maxx Johnson.

SO's: The Senior Officers or SO's are the experienced Officers of the Military Unit.

LT's: The Lieutenants or LT's are the Officers of the Military Unit these are the ones who command Separate Platoons.


V1 (Days 681 - 955)

On the 681st day of the New World (October 1, 2009), SEAL Team 6 was founded, with its guiding principle based upon the following proclamation:

Josh Frost, founder of SEAL Team Six, and its first C.O.
 We have beaten back PEACE, we have expelled them from most of their initial conquests. Many have cheered since our victory over Indonesia and ultimately over Russia. However PEACE has not abandoned its imperialistic dreams, on the contrary, they are working hard to disrupt our alliances and undermine our allies around the world. They continue to attack and at times, unfortunately, conquer the land that rightfully belongs to our allies. While our military forces continues to fight PEACE around the world with conventional tactics the unconventional war demands our attention. That's where Seal Team 6 comes in. This is an organization with one aim, fight PEACE on the very ground they have taken from our allies. RWs is the name of the game. We are looking for committed players, players who are willing to fight not only for their homeland but for those who have so bravely fought for us. The operations that will be undertaken can last several days, thus if you have prior obligations Seal Team 6 might not be for you. If your interested in bringing the fight to PEACE and returning the land PEACE is using to fund this war to its original owners then feel free to apply. 
(Josh Frost)

In response to the mass popularity of the eUS Armed force as WWIII moved towards a close, Josh frost created ST6 as a tool to increase community involvement. A former Brigadier General in the Airborne, Frost was well aware of the tactics that would make a military group successful. However, private militias of this type were relatively unheard of in the New World. The response to the new team was enormous, with over 100 new recruits applying within the first 24 hours of his announcement.

Rising (Days 956 - 1,042)

The onset of eRepublik Rising was very tumultuous for the eWorld, and ST6 was not immune to the changes. The complicated and time consuming battle system caused a number of SEALs to quit. As the leadership struggled to cope with the ever evolving landscape,

Recruitment, Selection & Training

Old SEAL Team 6 logo

SEAL recruitment was ongoing, with new members being added regularly. In order to become a SEAL, citizens from any country not affiliated with Phoenix had to meet the following requirements:

  • No Current Military of Militia Affiliation
  • Strength > 500
  • Minimum Rank of Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
  • Active and Responsive Enough to Allow for Quick Deployment
  • Willingness to work in a SEAL-run company or self fund/donate

If an applicant meets these criteria and a roster spot opens, they would be offered an invitation to join TST6, the training division of SEAL Team 6. As a member of TST6, a candidate would be evaluated upon their ability to perform the duties expected of a SEAL team member. After having proven this, the candidate would then become a full member.

Organization & Structure


The Commanding Officer of ST6 was in charge of overseeing all aspects of the militia's operation, from the efficiency of the companies to the designation and execution of mass attacks. The C.O. worked intimately with members of the US government, securing supplemental funding through the Office of Militia Support and coordinating with allied forces during major engagements. The C.O. was supported by a number of staff officers who were in charge of managing a particular facet of ST6 operations, including mission planning, technology, commune oversight, and quarter mastering.

The rest of the ST6 members were divided into platoons, with each platoon comprised of approximately 10 members. The platoons were lead by a lieutenant who is in charge of ensuring that each member of their platoon was adhering to the duties and responsibilities required of a SEAL.


SEAL Team 6 was almost an entirely self-funded organization. In order to accomplish this, all members were required to work in the SEAL-Self-Sufficiency (SSS) program, routinely referred to as "The Commune." Commune workers received a full allotment of items necessary to participate in ST6 missions, including weapons, moving tickets, and food. In return, commune workers agreed to receive lower than average wages.

Roles & Responsibilities

The primary mission of SEAL Team 6 was to use "unconventional" tactics, such as starting resistance wars, to bring the fight to Phoenix.

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