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SJ DRAKE v4.jpg

General Information
Founded 2009
Country Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Total Soldiers 20
Commanded by eAdnan
1st Regiment Captain Plavi 1992

DRAKE is one of the oldest active military units from Bosnia and Herzegovina, considered to be Bosnian elite army unit, especially at the beginning, during 2009 and 2010.

Chain of Command

It is believed that the first Commander of the unit was Zemlja who served before July 2009. Soon, Zemlja became president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wudu was declared to the commander of Special Unit DRAKE. One of the biggest actions that he commanded, was helping Theocratic South Korea in the fight against Japan[1].

In October 2009, SokoBiH had become the commander of the unit.

In November 2015, the unit is commanded by eAdnan, while 2nd Commanders are Tomislavius and Dino986. Captain of the 1st Regiment is Plavi 1992. In October 2020, it was discovered that there is no longer second commander in the unit, the unit commander remained eAdnan, as well the 1st Regiment captain is still Plavi 1992.


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