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General Information
Country Flag-China.jpg China
Access policy Any player can join the Military unit as a recruit
Total Soldiers 1380
Commanded by xtt1230
2nd Regiment Captain PTTwayne206
4th Regiment Captain Lilip
5th Regiment Captain zhuan
6th Regiment Captain YuanLiFeng
7th Regiment Captain Shopping Deng
8th Regiment Captain eCrazylion
10th Regiment Captain Who is it
12th Regiment Captain Carloon
13th Regiment Captain zhiniu
15th Regiment Captain Jadyzeng
16th Regiment Captain WakeUpApp
17th Regiment Captain FosterEden
18th Regiment Captain gerusliang
20th Regiment Captain haode
22th Regiment Captain cham.gui
24th Regiment Captain kyuu bee
25th Regiment Captain wormbig
27th Regiment Captain SyD3210
28th Regiment Captain cryst216
29th Regiment Captain levelzero
30th Regiment Captain Seven Tang
31th Regiment Captain JEndless
32th Regiment Captain ji chen
35th Regiment Captain justyouknowwhy
37th Regiment Captain windtiger
39th Regiment Captain SotonS
40th Regiment Captain anatin
41th Regiment Captain bingri
42th Regiment Captain K9000K
43th Regiment Captain Yuan02

SMART (Short for: SMth Army for Recovering Territories) is one of the oldest in-game military units still active, being one of the largest and strongest in Icon-China.png China.

It is a military unit connected with the Chinese political party NewSMTH.


In the beginning, back in 2008, SMART was connected with the Ministry of SinoDefence and was integral in the protection of the Chinese soil.

Former Commanders

This is an incomplete list of known Commanders of the unit:

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Icon skill strength.gifTop 5 Strength

Country Name Strength
Icon-China.png China Yuan02 379,387
Icon-China.png China zhiniu 379,234
Icon-China.png China xtt1230 374,996
Icon-China.png China Lilip 372,838
Icon-China.png China zhuan 371,517

Icon rank Legends.pngTop 5 Military rank

Country Name Military rank
Icon-China.png China xtt1230 Legends of China: Kris Tine Battalion XX
Icon-China.png China Yuan02 Legends of Argentina: VyC ARG Battalion XX
Icon-China.png China gerusliang Legends of China: Kris Tine Battalion XX
Icon-China.png China zhiniu Legends of China: Kris Tine Battalion XX
Icon-China.png China wormbig Legends of China: Kris Tine Battalion XIV

Air chief marshal 5.pngTop 5 Aircraft rank

Country Name Aircraft rank
Icon-China.png China zhiniu Air commodore 2.png Air Commodore**
Icon-China.png China xtt1230 Group captain 5.png Group Captain*****
Icon-China.png China gerusliang Group captain 3.png Group Captain***
Icon-China.png China wormbig Group captain 2.png Group Captain**
Icon-China.png China Yuan02 Group captain 2.png Group Captain**