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General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation SKK
Founded August 15 2011
Dissolved November 15 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Scorpion Clan
Succeeded By Constantine the Great
Orientation Center



Sakurakai (Japanese: 桜会) was founded by Minami Saki on August 15 2011 when she takes over the dead party former Scorpion Clan. At first, this party is her experiment to learn New World's political life. She named it Cherry blossom (Japanese: 桜党). It was her wish having a party to help grow Japanese culture and language in eJapan. But eventually, a new Japanese citizen Kenji Li said to Minami that he agrees with party's aim, wants to help. Then Minami requested Kenji Li to run to PP.


When Kenji Li was PP, Sakurakai grew quickly. But, many times Kenji Li acts freely without consultation to party members. Therefore he wasn't popular, and leave behind eJapan when he lost in congress election.

PTO and end of Sakurakai

During time of growth, many Serbians who illegally come to eJapan enter the party. However, they didn't participate in party life or talk to the others. Serbians take over the party on October 15 2012 when candidate Nikola Konatar wins PP election, defeating true candidate Sanoyel Doenza with 18-16. At this time, many party members leave so Serbians can't win in congress.

Party presidents