Salvador Luis Estampado

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Salvador Luis Estampado

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Nationality Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarusian
Date of birth 27 Nov 2010
Date of death End of 2012
Residence Flag-Belarus.jpg Minskaya
Sex Male
Newspaper Oculorum Imperatore
Congress member of Belarus
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Salvador Luis Estampado, better known as Lanckaron, was born in 1,103 in the New World, Belarus, Minskaya. Soon afterwards, Lanckaron died, however on day 1641 he returned back to the game. It is believed that at the end of year 2012 he left the New World forever.


Lanckaron was born in 1,103 in Minskaya, during the days of APTO struggle. His upbringing and whole youth was dramatically affected by the social and political conflict which took place in Belarus.

We know little about his early age though he soon became a politician and joined Nezalezhnaya Belarus.


He has soon realised that the situation within the country was unstable and that one could took advantage of it.

So he started an Anarchist movement. President Avers II called him a public enemy. There were several actions made by a small anarchist group. And among them was an economic terrorism. This action affected Belarusian market and led to some firms go bankrupt and people sacked.

Afterwards a movement "Avant-Garde" was founded as an opposition to existing parties. Together with CPoB and NPB they have formed The Popular Front, a major Congress coalition.

But then it all changed.


In the beginning of the war with Hungary Lanckaron moved into Volhynia and fought with the Ukrainian Army. However the battle was lost. At that very moment Belorussian Government has decided to proclaim Hungary as a Natural Enemy.

Three days after Mahilyowskaya, the last rampart of Belarusians has fallen.

Lanckaron spent 4 days hiding on the woods with his comrade and friend Pan Budzimir. They have started a small partizan movement, succeeded in raiding several farms. Lanckaron moved to native Hungarian regions and was seen shouting slogans in favour of free Belarus.

Later headed to Mahilyowskaya which was liberated the day before.


Afterwards Lanckaron has formed a Revolutionary government also known as Directory. The aim of it was to save what have been left of the former organisation and administration system. Soon with a help of RAF Minskaya was cleared of Hungarians and Belarus expanded.

Later on, an instability within the Directory led to a TW with Latvia, though this war was organized by Congress without any governmental approval.

Thus led to a creation of the so-called opposition, which consisted mainly of Russians who had arrived few days before.

Soon all original regions of Belarus were secured. Opposition started a political campaign against the Directory and Lanckaron had decided to resign from the post of Prime Minister.

Narodnaja Hramada

Lanckaron and ex members of NPB party had formed a party Narodnaja Hramada, a far-right organization which stands upon the principles of strong authorities and national reborn. It's aim is to create a militarized country with strong government. Soon after the end of the war Lanckaron has formed a new squad called Kasiniery which is a non-governmental platoon. It consists mainly of Belorussians, Poles and Ukrainians.


The Baltic War

Soon after the creation of the Kasiniery, it was renamed into EMC Belarus. Lanckaron became the EMC commander and fought against forces of ABC amongst other Belorussians. The war was although lost. Later on Belorussians took part in some rebellion campaigns, nevertheless, none of them was successful.

Lanckaron flew to the USA where he enrolled the Bad Company. Afterwards he returned to Belarus and stayed there until it was clear that nothing is going to change.