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Sam Krak

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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth 5 September 2009 - Day 655
Date of death 2015
Sex Male
Newspaper eIsrael's Hands
Congress member of Israel
25 September 2009 – 23 November 2010
President of Israel
23 November 2010 – 5 January 2011
Succeeded by Perfect.Knight
Party president of United Zionist Socialist Party
15 February 2010 – 15 March 2010
Preceded by Sir Valaro Volcrum
Succeeded by Jewyoyo
Vice president (country) of Israel
5 September 2010 – 5 November 2010
Succeeded by Rheinlander von Phalz
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel
Minister of Defence of Israel
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Sam Krakower, also known as Sam Krak, was born into the New World on Day 655 in Jerusalem district, Israel.

He has always lived in Israel, loves his Country, and will, whenever in the IRC, slap people with fishbots better than anyone else. That is a fact. He has lived in Israel all his life, working for the benefit of the country and its citizens.


Sam has held the military ranks of Private, Sergeant, Captain, and Major. He has served in the Israeli Defense Forces for a long time, and he always speaks fondly of its high ranking members as well as the lower. Sam is very proud to also have served as Head of the Mossad, Israel's government spy agency.

- Israeli Defense Forces Training Corps Executive Officer (March-May 2010)

- Israeli Defense Forces Reserves Commanding Officer (May-July 2010)

- Israeli Defense Forces 1st Div Executive Officer (Aug 2010)

- Mossad Executive Director (March-May 2010)


Sam was a devoted Israeli who was well-known for his nationalist views of Israel. When speaking to the public, he addresses himself as "an average Israeli." He has worked with the Canadians on Foreign Affairs trips and was one of the most active Israeli's of 2010.

He was one of the contributors in forming Constitution of Israel. - 2 terms as Country President of Israel (November 2010 - after Gavin Wax was impeached, elected December 2010)

- 3-time Vice President of Israel (May, September, October 2010)

- 3-time Party president of the United Zionist Socialist Party UZSP (February 2010)

- 27-time Congress member with the UZSP, The Lantern Society, United Israeli Independents Party (UIIP), Israel First, Shalom Party, and Israeli Workers (2009-2012)

- 2-time Speaker of the Knesset (2010)

- 3-time Minister of Foreign Affairs (May, September, November 2010)

- Minister of Defense/Budget Officer (February 2011)

- Minister of Finance (April 2010)

- Minister of Press (August 2010)

- Vice Minister for Defense, Justice, and Finance (2010)

On January 25, 2012, Sam became the Israeli with the most terms in the Knesset, racking up a total of 21 terms to pass ma tai, who he was tied with at twenty.


He is also the Editor of eIsrael's Hands.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x36)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x28)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x2)
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Battle Hero (x2)
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Super Soldier (x39)
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Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x12)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x3)

Government offices
Preceded by
Gavin Wax (Impeached)
16th President of Israel
November 23, 2010 - January 5, 2011
Succeeded by