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Citizen610702 v2.jpg
Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth 2 July, 2008
Date of death December 2008
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper The Pakistani
Party president of Gandhinagar!
10 July, 2008 – 4 October, 2008
Preceded by calaf
Congress member of Pakistan
1 August, 2008 – 25 November 2008
Party president of Indopakistan
4 October, 2008 – September 2008
Ambassador of Portugal
October, 2008 – September 2008
Military rank Icon rank Private*.png Private*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Sandtux was a citizen of Pakistan. He is the reincarnation of Abdul Yusuf.


  • General Manager of Pharmapak via Red Croissant Simulated Organization. Red Croissant was the first organization to handle a national public health system. Abdul Yusuf's dream of a nation where no one brother in the sand could suffer pain or illness, the realization of the ideal of a country enlightened by His Divine Majesty Dio Brando, finally took shape by the implementation of the most important public Health Care Program in the whole New World - at that time. It became an example for many nations of a proper system to maintain a population with high Health and, therefore, better productivity and military performance.


The Ghandinagar Squad (Gsquad) was led by Sandtux. It served as a training camp for any recruits that wished to gain more expertise before joining The Pakistani Mobile Forces (PMF) or the Pakistani Special Forces (PSF). It was designed for every Pakistani under 4 strength, as long as they are ready to pay for everything they'll need during the operations.

Gsquad was previously a private army owned by Sandtux to defend the Indian population against various people willing to take over it. During the Pakistani Military Restructuring, Sandtux asked for inclusion into the Reformed Military, which was done.



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