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Santiago Hortez

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 24 March 2009
Date of death 2010
Residence Karnataka, USA
Sex Male
Newspaper USA And the World Today
Congress member of United Kingdom
25 May 2009 – 13 June 2009 (Resigned)
Served under SaraDroz
Preceded by IndieKid
Succeeded by Teh User
Member of the Dail of Ireland
25 March 2010 – 24 April 2010
Served under Dubhthaigh
Preceded by Michael Hook
Succeeded by Brian Boru
Minister of Health of Ireland
April 2010 – May 2010
Succeeded by Paschoall
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland
May 2010 – May 2010 (Resigned)
Preceded by irishbhoy1967
Director of the Irish Secret Service
May 2010 – May 2010 (Resigned)
Military rank Icon rank Major***.png Major***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Santiago at a Press Conference following his resignation as MoFA of Ireland

Santiago Hortez was born in a small hamlet near the Portuguese border with Spain in the province of Galicia on the 24th of March 2010 even as French Air Force fighters and bombers kept bombing the village. From day one, he was left to fend for his own as he was put into a local orphanage in the Spain and his parents went away, no one knows where. He has a natural aptitude for seeking out the best places at the best times and has been to the United Kingdom, USA and Ireland where he spent most of his life. He is politically gifted and a very able military commander having held many commanding officer positions. He is a staunch anti-Dioist because of his suffering in early life and because of Dio Brando's theo-imperial nature, whereby he uses theocratic principles for imperialistic aims. Among his famous achievements are being Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Health (during which time, he founded the Irish Secret Service), and being a US Mobile Infantry, Irish Air Defence Forces and Royal Navy Officer.

Birth and Early Life

The Orphanage where Santiago was brought up

Santiago Hortez was born in a tiny hamlet in the village of Quzxanhagsaronmendonsa on the Portugal-Spain border on the 24th of March 2009. He was abandoned as a child and left to die in the local village streets by his parents who could ill afford to raise him up. He then was picked up by an old lady and put in an orphanage where they took care of him till the age of six. Upon reaching the age of six, he decided that he was not going to live anymore in this wretched country where survival was an out of order question at that point. He travelled to the coast of Spain and then took a boat heading towards the United Kingdom, or more precisely Scotland, with whatever little savings he had.

During his years at the orphanage, Santiago heard a lot of stories about Dio Brando and his invincibility as a God. He felt furious at this man who called himself Dio because, he could not save a young boy from destruction in a far apart place despite all his proclaimed powers. From that day, he decided that he would become Dio's mortal enemy at all costs and bring to light the untruth in Dio's prophecies detailed in the Book of Dio which he scoured extensively. This hatred would become more prominent during his later years.

Schooling was never good at the orphanage and he never mastered Spanish beyond the rudimentary level. However, English, he learnt successfully after a correspondence through pen with a friend in England called Mr Woldy. This man would go on to become one of the closest friends of Santiago's in the United Kingdom. He also learnt French through a French Prisoner of War's child who taught him French with the help of signs.

United Kingdom-Part One

A Photo of Young Santiago, the Mercenary

His first destination in the UK was to Scotland. Santiago left the boat HMS Redwood in Glasgow, and went to Edinburgh. He sought out a job with some of the roadside, low paying companies to begin with. He began to work hard and also get involved in the military which appealed to him rather than politics. But as of then, due to an in-extensive campaign by the British to popularise the Royal Navy and the Royal Guards, he never knew of their existence. He thus fought as a mercenary for the British fighting in Brazil, Argentina and Greece during his time there. He tried to contest for Congress for the Liberal Social Democrats but he could not as it was the sixth largest party. After realising that only the top five parties can contest the elections at any time for the Congress (known as House of Commons in England), he shifted to the party of UK Reform which was the top party at that time.

Also, he shifted his region from Scotland to mainland UK by moving into his new country home in Yorkshire and Humberside. Here, riding on the promises of honesty and integrity as well as giving a chance to a rising fresh blood, he got elected as a member of Parliament from Yorkshire and Humberside in the May 25th General Election. He first ascended under SaraDroz's Prime Ministership and continued under Kumnaa for eight days before on May the 13th he resigned due to multiple reasons.

His first term in the Congress was one of learning and gaining experience. He did not do much in the first term as a House of Commons member but just soaked in the atmosphere and proposed a few bills, most of which were not generally accepted during the discussions in Parliament (some of which got rapturous).

Under Kumnaa's administration, he however, had to differ from his policies in the Sweden-Germany War going on at that time. Voicing out his frustations openly in Parliament, he demanded that the Prime Minister take some drastic action by supporting one or the other side. If they "had to join PEACE", he said, "so be it." When Kumnaa, despite widespread protests against him within London and else where in the UK, was still hesitant, he decided to contact Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Hassan Pesaran, who kept mum on the issue. Feeling very dejected, he decided to resign from the Parliament rather than serve an administration which was very "inactive". He also decided that he would go to Peru and contest the first Congress elections to be held there and try and become a Parliament member.

A Brief Stay in the Amazon

Santiago came to Peru, or more precisely, the Southern Low Amazon region of Peru to contest for Congress. His manifesto rode on positive development, honesty, integrity and an alternative to the opposition. He did not know much Spanish and hence had to use paid translators to do the job for him. This proved a costly mistake as he found out that they were in fact saboteurs and had spoiled his manifesto completely. While it sounded good in English, it was horrible in Spanish. Evidently, he lost the election and had to move on in life. So he decided to move to the United States of America in search of a better life.

Also, it was during these years in Peru that he began to wear the famous mask of his, like other spais (Woxan, Glados...). though he di not use it frequently, he liked it and used it later on, many more times.

The American Dream-Part One

Santiago and his Platoon during the Siege of Istanbul

Santiago then moved to the United States of America after reading a lot about it's military and their achievements. As soon as he came, he joined the Libertarian Party and applied for the Home Guard. He was accepted into the 13th Platoon of the Home Guard under Lieutenant Watchout5. He underwent the usual one week training for Home Guard and then transferred to the United States Mobile Infantry. He entered as a Private in the Alpha Company of the Fifth platoon.

Main Article: Siege of Istanbul

Soon, due to his obedience and service to the MI, he was promoted to a Corporal and soon, within a week or two from that, he was promoted to Sergeant and became the Commanding Officer of the Alpha Company. After leading his army successfully out of a siege in the city of Istanbul, he came back to the US along with his platoon. He then took a leave of absence from his duties in the military citing fatigue and ran for the Congressional Primaries for Florida. He lost the primaries and returned to active service with the Mobile Infantry. After a few more deployments, he decided to join the United States Army.

After being successfully accepted in a transfer to the Army, he deployed for a few more times to Canada at the start of World War III and also fought for American states. However, he entered a period of continued depression and decided to commit suicide. Thus, he resigned from the Army and stayed secluded in his Florida home.

Back to the United Kingdom

In late September, Santiago came out of his depression and then shifted to the United Kingdom. At that time, he was unaware of the political relations between the US and UK. Thus, he thought he could come back later to the US once he was done with UK. However, he was to be proved very very wrong.

At any rate, he came to the UK, and applied for governmental and military posts hoping to rise in either one or both of them. He eventually did rise to the rank of Captain in the military though he didn't fare too well with the government.

Governmental Career

In the United Kingdom, Santiago decided to join the UK government. During his stay there from September 2009 to January 2010, he has served in various positions with distinction. He most notably served in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Work. Apart from that, he had two stints at the Treasury (or Ministry of Finance) during the crucial war days in Spain-France.

His cabin at all the three ministries was said to be heavily messed up with cakes, chocolates and tea drippings filling up the floor rather than carpets. Indeed, rumour goes around that he refused to actually buy a carpet and openly revolted against JamesW, future Prime Minister and then Minister of Work, when he asked Santiago to clean up his room.

He served as an apprentice to the Wikipedia Desk of the Home Ministry from October to January and has edited many voluminous works in the wiki and helped keep the wiki clean. He also became a tutorial editor where he and his superior, UnderMinister, Lionbeard took all work for themselves after other apprentices quit.

During his tenure of one month in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, he took care of being ambassador to France and Japan. His articles in both countries reached top 5 articles in both these countries and he was appreciated in France and criticised in Japan in equal measure for his work in denouncing the Spanish invasion of France and the Japanese retreat of Kyushu (though he considered the latter a strategically sound measure albeit hypocritical as Phoenix had helped Japan tank and defeat an American invasion of Japan a few days ago.

His term in the Treasury involved surveillance of the banks of the world especially Hanson Industries' HUI Bank which was offering a Certificate of Deposit for large loans. This, his finance boss, considered essential because of the large amount of gold involved in the UK treasury. In his earlier term at the Treasury, he was tasked with monitoring trends in the monetary market and watch out for any speculators.

His two months in the Ministry of Work helped Santiago learn how to manage a company and this helped him very much later on in his life when he managed companies as Minister of Health in Ireland. He learnt a lot from his MoW boss, JamesW and is still grateful to him for giving him so much of knowledge in economics, a subject he would score zero in, if there was an exam.

Military Career

The shoulder board of his Royal Navy zenith-Captain

After seeing a public advertisement about the Royal Navy, he enlisted. He was put in HMS Katana of the Caribbean Fleet where he served as a Private. He served with distinction in all missions and was soon a promising leader of the military. One of the main contrasts of Santiago was that he served in a Phoenix nation's army without actually believing in Phoenix's aims or beliefs in general. This contrast also reflected later on when he served in the fiercely Communist Labour Party of Ireland even though he didn't actually believe in Communism.

He then moved on to Squad 4 of The Royal Marines with the rank of Marine under Major Viksta Massea and Colonel Pensive. His service with diligence and commitment was noticed and he was called up by Special Forces 2nd in Command, Captain Dodgy Dude, of the Royal Navy to join him as a Lieutenant aboard HMS Daedalus, his training ship earlier. He accepted and soon got promoted on December the 14th to the rank of Captain of the ship HMS Daedalus. However, due to supposed "inactivity" and other disgusting reasons Santiago doesn't wish to divulge, he was removed from the Royal Navy. All he says is that his inactivity was told well in advance to the Command and they chose to overlook it.

That was the end of his career in UK. He resigned from all military and government positions and left the country on a little round the world trip.

Military Medals Insignia

This is the military medal rack of all medals collected by Santiago Hortez so far in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Irish Defence Forces.

Medal rack.png

From top left: Canada Deployment Medal, Australia Deployment Medal, India Deployment Medal, Northern Ireland Exercises, South Africa Deployment Medal, Croatia Deployment Medal, and India Deployment Medal Sol War Games Ribbon Royal Navy Service Medal, Royal Marines Service Medal North Atlantic Campaign Medal, Nordic Campaign Medal, Second Slovak Campaign Medal, Second Central European Campaign Medal, New England Campaign Medal and French Campaign Medal.

Insignia - United States - Private.svg

Last US Army Group West Rank: Private


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 4x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 2x Congress Member
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 2x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 1x Resistance Hero