Sasha Igorovich

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Sasha Igorovich

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Nationality Flag-Russia.jpg Russian
Date of birth 3 December 2007
Date of death January 2009
Residence Urals
Sex Male
President of Russia
10 December 2007 – 1 April 2008
Succeeded by Manifesto
Mayor of Yekaterinburg
21 September 2008 – 13 October 2008
Party president of For The Motherland
Party president of United Russia
Military rank Icon rank Corporal.png Corporal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Sasha Igorovich was a Russian politician and businessman. He served four terms as president of Russia (December-March). He was the owner of Miass Management And Securities SO where he was a General manager of several different companies:

He was the Press director of Norwegian newspapers Greater Urals Gazette, one of the beta version newspapers written mostly in English. He started the forum for Northern Alliance.

Sasha's death was discovered on January 27, 2009.