Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista

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Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista

Party-Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Abbreviation SHN
Forum [1]
Colors White, Red
Founded March 18th, 2009
Dissolved 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Hrvatska Narodna Stranka
Succeeded By Hrvatski Ujedinjeni Pravasi
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

The Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista or in English "Croatian Nationalist Union" (abbreviated as "SHN") was a political party in Croatia. It was previously known as the Hrvatska Narodna Stranka (HNS). In May 2009 for a short while, the SHN changed the name to Anonymous, but on June 15, 2009 the original name Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista was returned.

It had up to 140 members, in the last membership count. It has since become the Nacionalni Demokrati party.

The SHN Official Forums

Party had a forum, which has been deleted some time ago.

That was the center of the SHN‘s activity. Everything went through the forums and was generally discussed for a long time before it is released in a public statement.

Party Ideals

Far right with a strong declaration of national pride.

The main goal was to improve Croatia's standing in the Erepublik by listening to all members - be they 1 day old or 12 months. It was considered to be completely open - there is no limit to what you can or can't do, other than your own ability. If you see something wrong in the party, you are encouraged to tell us about it, and then work with us - as we try to correct it.

We are the obvious choice for free thinkers - those who wish to be free of the hive mentality displayed in some of the larger parties. We stand for anyone who does not wish to be part of a conglomerate, we are there for anyone who wants to do their own thing.

We listen to every party member and offer everyone a chance to be heard. Everyone's voice is equal, and all members can rise to the top.

We have a great core of helpful, friendly and experienced players who are always more than happy to offer help or advice to fellow party members. We run a mentor program which pairs a new member with an experienced citizen, providing help and advice whenever needed.

Statute Of Croatian Union Nationalists

Statute in Croatian language:
1. Croatian Union Nationalists is a union of the Croatians for Croatians.
2. SHN stands for freedom and prosperity of Croatia as a nation and all Croatian citizens.
3. The name of the party is Croatian Union Nationalists or at Croatian Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista short SHN.
4. The Union is politically active in Croatia. To accomplish its political goals Party will fight with all permitted, peaceful and non-violent means. The goal of the Party is to use a political action for the improvement of Croatian people and the Croatian state. The union is working to achieve their goals with political clout.
5. The President of the Party represents the Party. In the event of his being prevented from executing the duties of the President, he will be replaced by the Vice President - appointed by the Presidency of the party.
6. Any Croatian citizen, who accepts the Statute of the Party, can become a member of the Party. Every Croatian who loves his country is entitled and invited to join the Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista.
7. Each member of the Party belongs to the municipal organization, which primarily makes their rights and meet their obligations.

The Party slogan

To achieve the objectives contained in these principles which were desired by the best sons and daughters of our nation, we need to use not just our brainpower, but also patriotism, honesty and willingness to sacrifice.
Because of this, the Party of Croatian Nationalists may accept only honest and loyal sons and daughters of the Croatian people, that do not take aspiration for salaries and positions, but the willingness to sacrifice for the happiness and freedom of Croatia.

Mission Statement's

We at the SHN are a group who wish to stand apart. We believe in a totalitarian system of government.
In all things we believe that united we are stronger, as a nation and as a party.
We believe that the best way forward is to take the time to help everyone around us, both new and old.
We have our own personal beliefs, but these remain true to us all.
Stand up for Croatia.


Let's Go Croatia -
Project only for SHN members, where members contacted the people in charge of the party, and they sent a ticket so that member could move to war region at no cost.

Become Member - The Party runs a Program to gain more Members, where we take all people in the New World.

Future Plans

Mentor Program The Party wants runs a Mentor Program, where experienced members are paired with new members, giving the newer player a valuable resource - knowledge and information. This is controlled through the SHN forums.


The Union of Croatian Nationalist was not the original party name, and it was started from members of HSP or HUS in the year 2009.
Djani Ujkan Marich suggested the change of the name after the election of Djani Ujkan Marich to the party president. The reason for the change of the name was to make Party more appealing to a larger section of Erepublik citizens.
SHN was the 7th largest party in Croatia.

Party Presidents

  • SHN Party Presidents
  1. Djani Ujkan Marich (March 09 - April 09)
  2. branac88 (April 09 - June 09)
  3. Franko Seman (June 09 - Unknown )