Scientific Socialist Party

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Scientific Socialist Party of China

Party-Scientific Socialist Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-China.jpg China
National rank 8
Newspaper Socialists' Daily
Founded February, 2020
President caker18
Members 2
Congress Occupancy 0 seats,
0 % of Congress
Orientation Far-left
Ideology Libertarian


Scientific Socialist Party of China (Chinese:中国科学社会党) is a far-left democratic socialist and scientist party in Icon-China.png China. It supports socialist democracy and internationalism, sometimes it also supports communism. Based on the basic guiding ideology and policies of the former party chairman (Abjust), currently, the party opposes imperialism and encourages the Chinese people to recover their native land and fight for the elimination of foreign superpowers, although this policy runs counter to the party's internationalist ideology, the former party chairman (Abjust) still supports internationalism and hope can help other countries if necessary to try to reach consensus with other countries. The military unit of the party is the People's Democratic Socialist Army.

Party Presidents

Party President Mandate
Abjust February 2020 - March 2020
caker18 March 2020 - present