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 Hey hey! Was necessary well that Augustus "Drama Queen" Baldwin points itself in one moment like that one! One can like Batman and the Joker, Baldwin needs me to exist! I am the Joker or Batman, I let Baldwin decide! 
(Bruno Tremblay, obviously describing Scorplus's relationship with Augustus Baldwin)

Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth Aug 27, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Canada, New Brunswick
Sex Male
Congress member of Canada
January 2009 – February 2009
Party president of Democratic Action League
May 2009 – June 2009
Preceded by David Eastcorner
Succeeded by Koolmanjack
Minister of Justice of Canada
June 2009 – July 2009
Succeeded by Adasko
Media Spokesman of EDEN
October 15, 2009 – January 2010
Preceded by Mistwalker
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Scorpius was a prominent politician, soldier, and writer from Canada. He was born on Day 281 of the New World, in Northwest Territories, Canada.

He spent his time in Alberta, having moved back to Canada after several of its regions were recovered from PEACE GC. Throughout his eLife, Scorpius has held many positions in various areas of the Canadian government and military.

Post Occupation

After PEACE GC conquered Canada, Scorpius moved to Spain with a large number of other Canadians. He then moved to the UK and helped fight in several resistance wars during which Canada recovered all of its regions from the UK. He has since moved back to Canada where he remade his political party, the DAL.

Political Career

Scorpius started his political career when he quit the then-inactive Canadian Libertarian Party and joined The Canadian Social Democrats. He began to participate in party discussions and became a vocal member. He eventually ran and was elected to Congress in the Northwest Territories and showed himself to be a very active and vocal politician. Though he remains a strong political force in Canada he has taken a more backseat role currently, and has been focusing on his work for EDEN.

The Democratic Action League

After Dominik created the Royal Feudalist Party, Scorpius quit the Canadian Social Democrats and Joined the RFP. Having been elected to congress while in the CSD once again, Scorpius functioned as one of the RFP's only congressional representatives as the party had not run any candidates that election. He was very active in the party, and was appointed Vice-President under David Eastcorner. Scorpius was one of the primary advocates to change the just-for-fun RFP into a more serious party, The Democratic Action League. After David Eastcorner decided not to seek reelection, Scorpius we elected Party president and under him, the DAL enjoyed growth in membership and activity. When Scorpius left the position of Party president, the DAL had become the #5 ranked party in Canada.

During that period of time, Jacobi was elected the first boomer president of Canada, and Scorpius was given the Cabinet position of Minister of Justice, where he passed multiple constitutional reforms and provided legal council to the President on a variety of issues

Scorpius took a vacation for a short period of time after that, but returned to Canada during Jacobi's 2nd Term. He once again became an active member of the Democratic Action League, and has since served as Vice President under Citizen B. He was also reelected to congress with a large number of votes. When Jacobi was reelected for a 3rd term, Scorpius was once again made Minister of Justice.

Scorpius was once again elected as the President of the Democratic Action League and was also reelected to Congress with a large number of votes.

When Jacobi was reelected to a 4th term Scorpius declined to serve as Minister of Justice again. He also decided not to run for President of the DAL again, instead of backing Ayeshan Dakseus for his replacement. He, however, was reelected to congress with over 80 votes, and continues to serve as a congressman, as well as an informal adviser to the current DAL President, as well some other politicians and candidates for office.

He played a large role in the election of William Duncan as the President of Canada. Serving as Campaign Manager, Scorpius organized much of the effort during the election, and since has served as an adviser and confidant to President Duncan. He repeated this role in William Duncan's reelection campaign.


Scorpius has served as the Media Spokesmen/Public Relations Officer of EDEN. Having taken over the job from Mistwalker, he coordinated such activities as EDEN press releases and the Allied Media Mogul Project. Due to a lack of time to complete his job, he resigned after a few months.

Military Career

Scorpius is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and has served in both the active and reserve branches of the military. He has been a member of the 69th Royal Canadian Marines and the 27th Northern lights Reserve Platoon. Recently he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and now serves as the 2nd in Command of the platoon, under Lieutenant Plugson. He has fought in CAF operations in Romania, the USA, and during the invasion of Canada and the subsequent resistance wars to recover Canada's lost regions. He continues to fight for Canada and EDEN in the ongoing world war.

Scorpius is a Battle hero, having achieved the total damage in one of the Canadian attacks on Alaska.

Scorpius has also been awarded 8 Super Soldier medals.

Media Career

Scorpius was a 2x media mogul, having achieved over 2000 subscribers with his newspaper The Scorp Report. Due to his high quality, and informative articles, he has been inducted to the prestigious Writers Guild of Canada.

Scorpius has also served as the Media Spokesmen/Public Relations Officer of EDEN.