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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 22 January 2008 - Day 63
Date of death July 2009
Residence New Jersey
Sex Male
Party president of The Liberal Party of South Africa
April 2008 – March 2008
Preceded by Jeffa
President of South Africa
2 April 2008 – 1 May 2008
Preceded by Jeffa
Succeeded by mamangbakso
Lieutenant of United States Marine Corps
February 2009 – ?
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

SebastianA was a citizen of the New World and was born as early as January 2008 in Østlandet, Norway.

SebastianA was a versatile citizen having experience in military, business, and political affairs. As an active marine officer in the United States Marine Corps he lived in Florida to have access to the Q5 hospital.


The USMC is the most important part for Sebastian to date serving as the longest serving marine in the history of the USMC. He was Lt. of "the widowmakers" - the 2nd platoon of Company A which also is one of the original platoons of the USMC. Sebastian has served in wars such as:


Even though military is the main part of Sebastian's everyday life in the new world, his original passion in the new world was politics. His ideology is a very libertarian conservatism and will speak against an increase in size of government and governmental spending. He is also pro employers focusing to set up an economy that primarily will help the companies of the US, which in turn will help the employees, he argued.
Sebastian has served has Party president for The Liberal Party of South Africa LPSA and also served as President for South Africa under the same party in April-March 2008.
He used his newspaper space in By the Grill to attack economic policies, and support military spending.


Logo of the company
Sebastian was the head of board in the SBM, Saints Business Management which was founded in February 2009. The first asset of this company is the new version of the eBabbs company which was originally founded by Jeffa in January 2008.


eBabbs was reopened in February, winter of 2009 on day 460 in New York USA. The name eBabb refers to the slang "babb" for kebab in Norwegian, and e obviously reflecting back on names such as e-mail, meaning electronic.

Previously owner Jeffa started the company in January 2009 when a new colony of Norwegians moved from their mother country to start a new world down on the southern hemisphere, the name of the company was "eBabb." eBabb was bought from the banned multi-accounter Albanian who had before taken over South Africa with his multi accounts supplying them with the food company Albanian food.

eBabb was eventually closed as Jeffa left the game, and South Africa taken over by further colonies of people. Though the spirit lived on in ex-employee, ex-partner, ex-colleague SebastianA who planned the reopening a early as December 2008.

The dream was finally realized in February 2009, and only because of the new name regulation for named the "eBabb" name acquired one humble "s" and the logo only acquiring small modifications.

The logo "meat on a stick" remains exactly the same and is the original food-logo from the new world in its early days. The only change is a faint yellow tone background to communicate the brown of the bone, and the bone itself clearer.