Second Balkan War

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Turkey-Greece War
Map of Turkey-Greece War
Date 04 December 2008 –
05 December 2008
Location Central Greece
Result Conquered by Turkey
Fights 1738
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Turkey.jpg Inverus Flag-Greece.jpg Efthimios Pappas

After the First Balkan War, Greece's only remaining region was Central Greece. In the Turkey-Greece War, Turkey had conquered the last piece of Greece.

Before the War

The Greek government, which controlled only one region, had a weak economic, social and military defending system. Romania supported Greece in Balkan War but after the war, some Romanian citizens attacked the Greek economy and exploited their public treasury. Turkey then declared war on Greece because of what the Turkish government claimed to be a matter of border security.

During the War

Battles Fought 1 (Turkey 1 vs Greece 0)
Fights Won Turkey 1410 vs Greece 166, Pakistan 162
Total Fights 1738

During the war, Pakistan was the allied force with Greece. However some of Iran citizens helped Turkey against Greece. It resumed less than 24 hours and at the end of war, Turkey occupied Central Greece.