Second Malaysia-Singapore War

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second Malaysia-Singapore War
Date July 2011 –
July 2011
Location Singapore, Malaysia
Result Singapore won
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Lenin1990 Flag-Singapore.jpg Bogdan Armand Sibrand

The Malaysia-Singapore War was a conflict which began in July 2011. The conflict was begun when Malaysia declared Singapore as a natural enemy and sought to occupy Singapore for war's and fun's sake. Not all Malaysians supported the war. Between them, there was TeMing, Malaysian MoF which had talks with the Singaporean CP, Bogdan Armand Sibrand, during the war and nicholas2000.

The War

The first battle began in Singapore City, Singapore's capital and only region. By that time, Singapore had no allies and Malaysia had Indonesia as an ally, who had Prio1 on this campaign. However, Singapore won the campaign and quickly attacked Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysia won and regained the initiative, a campaign which had prio1 from Indonesia as well. Indonesia would not have any prio1 on any next campaigns in this war, (maybe because Singapore's CP negotiated with Indonesia's MoFA, KeRTaJaYa) and on the other side, besides the help of mercenaries, Singapore signed MPPs with Croatia (with the help of the Singaporean (Croatian RL) Starac and Romania (the Romanian CP, Romansul, being a friend of the Singaporean CP). The second attack on Singapore City failed, Singapore attacked Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore won. Singapore won the battle of Sarawak too (the last Malaysian region by that time), but peace talks have had already started between the two sides, by the time of the second campaign on Peninsular Malaysia more exactly.

Peace Talks

Even from the first campaigns, talks between the two sides existed and they deepened further as the war continued. The two CPs agreed, finally, on the Singaporean victory and the conditions were that Malaysia does not have Congress on 25th July 2011, Malaysia to pay 10000 SGD for an MPP between the two sides and pay also 20000 SGD for Singaporeans to start 2 RWs in the conquered regions. Singapore had only one region by the time of the congress elections to avoid a larger Take-Over threat. The first RW was started by Alexandru Homana, Singapore's vMoD, and the second was not started officially by the Singaporean government, being started by a Turkish player.