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The Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community was the democratically elected leader of the Global Community and commander of the PEACEKeepers. The Secretary-General acts as the spokesperson for the alliance.


The Secretary-General's roles are laid out in Articles 2 and 3 of the PEACE Charter.

The Secretary-General's primary role was to act as a spokesperson for the alliance. Announcements are made by the Secretary-General on behalf of the Global Community, and he was the alliance's chief diplomat.

His (or her) other major role was to direct the actions of the Global Community PEACEKeeping Force. As of September 2008, the Secretary-General has invoked this role twice: once to commit soldiers to Hungary in World War I and again in September to protect Austria and Bulgaria from hostile political coups.

Additionally, the Secretary-General holds a vote on the PEACE Global Security Council.

Term and selection

Like all political positions in eRepublik, the Secretary-General was elected for a one-month term. He or she was elected on the second of each month to allow all new Presidents in PEACE member nations to vote in accordance with their policies.

The PEACE Charter stipulates that the Secretary-General must be selected by the Security Council "from the pool of Representatives," but the Security Council has to date ignored that stipulation by re-electing Nicolae Carpathia in September 2008 despite his never having served as a Representative.


Secretaries-General of PEACE
# Month(s) Nation Name
1 28 Aug. '08 – 14 Oct. '08 Flag-Greece.jpg Greece Nicolae Carpathia
2 15 Oct. '08 – 24 Jan. '09 Flag-France.png France Matthieu Bonne
3 25 Jan. '09 – 31 Jan. '09 Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan GLaDOS
4 1 Feb. '09 – 4 Feb. '09 Flag-France.png France Matthieu Bonne (Interim)
5 5 Feb. '09 – 20 Feb. '09 Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria bimba
6 21 Feb. '09 – 9 Mar. '09 Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal Arthk (Interim)
7 10 Mar. '09 – 9 Jun. '09 Flag-Italy.jpg Italy zocky
8 10 Jun. '09 – 18 Jul. '09 Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal Arthk
9 19 Jul. '09 – 24 Aug. 09 Flag-France.png France Matthieu Bonne
10 25 Aug. 09 - 6. Sept. 09 Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria chukcha
11 7. Sept. 09 - 25. Sept. 09 Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal Arthk (Interim)
12 25. Sept. 09 - 19. Nov. 09 Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia / Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil / Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico Kistru, Jazar and Eisenhorn


Chukcha resigned from the post due to RL issues.

PEACE Security Council decided to elect the first Triumvirate of the Alliance on 25 Sept. 09 to lead - 3 leaders were in charge as secretary generals[1].