Security Council for Immigrants (SCI)

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SCI Logo

The SCI (Security Council for Immigrants) was created to ensure border security of the eNetherlands. The Minister of Home Affairs is usually in charge of the SCI, but works closely alongside with the Congress. It's purpose is to administrate CS requests, but the most important thing is to protect the eNetherlands against immigrants that are a threat to the state.


The work method and procedures are laid down in the SCI protocol.

  • 1. The Security Council of Immigration is designed to preserve democracy of the eNetherlands against external PTO threats. Congress members should not accept citizenship requests without decision of SCI procedure.
  • 2. The government is responsible for posting and reviewing all Dutch citizenship applications in the SCI section. All informations gathered about the applicant needs to be also published in the SCI section.
  • 3. The application is accepted or rejected after a minimum of 24 hours of debate period based on the advice of the Government members responsible for SCI agenda. In case the application is accepted, Congress is obliged to provide citizenship to the applicant.
  • 4. Emergency cases, Honorary citizens or Expatriates might be accepted immediately without following all the aforementioned procedures based on decision of (vice)President. All emergency cases need to be explained in the SCI Section immediately after the citizenship is granted.

SCI tasks

The SCI is responsible for the admission of immigrants, therefore performing background checks also known as screening. Talking both with the applicant and foreign leaders and getting advice from prominent citizens is essential to be sure and finding out a person's true motives, so the chance to make a wrong decision is low. The main tasks of the SCI looks like this:

• Administrate CS requests.
• Screening the applicants
• Advising the Congress


On day 775, in a response to a intelligence agency of Poland during the second term of Mitch Rapp, a secret government agency named United Netherlands Intelligence Network (UNLIN) was created. Solely gathering information of enemies by sending out trained agents. A side task, to screen citizen applications, was appointed to UNLIN. On day 996 the name got changed to 'Security Council for Immigrants' as UNLIN initial purpose was no longer useful. Since then, a protocol was set up and has changed several times and still applies as of today.