Sekai Shakai Sensen

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Sekai Shakai Sensen

Party-Sekai Shakai Sensen.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation SSS
Colors White/Orange
Founded 14 April, 2010
Dissolved 25 June, 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 seats
Succeeds eSOS Brigade/Desu Workers' Party
Succeeded By SOS Brigade

Sekai Shakai Sensen , also known as The World Social Front was a party in eJapan between April and June 2010.


In April 2010, the leadership of the SOS Brigade and the DWP agreed to merge. With no public announcement, the core of the DWP moved to the SOS Brigade, expanding its numbers to the #2 party in Japan. DWP Party President Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya was elected as the first president of the new, merged party, though officially it was announced as co-presidency with SOS Brigade Party President Faeyas.


With the merger some elements of SOS Brigade and Desu Workers' Party were involved:

The Diversion Squad

The diversion squad was a group of players who thought of new events. It originated from SOS Brigade.

The Revolutionary Guard

The Revolutionary Guard, was a military branch of the party, however, there is no known involvement in battles.

The Guild

Economic branch of the party, most of it was managed by Nata-kun.

The Administration

The Administration of the SSS included two heads of SSS: Faeyas and Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya, 2 Vice-presidents, and 6 officers responsible for The Diversion Squad, The Revolutionary Guard, and The Guild.

The last Administration of May-June was:

Party President Co-PP Vice President Secretary Security Officers Militia Commander Diversion Head Guild Head
Faeyas Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya PDN Kotomi Ichinose PDN/Kotomi Ichinose ACSephiroth Faeyas Nata-kun

Official statements


The party broke on June 26 (Day 949), and changed back into eSOS Brigade, militia, and some of the party companies were transferred to a new party of Haruhi Suzumiya - The Black Knights. The reasons for it remained unknown to the public. One of the conspiration theories states that Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya and Faeyas had met in real-life, dated briefly and then broke up, however, neither has ever released the official statement about the causes nor confirmed that story to be true.