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Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth 04 January 2009
Date of death July 2011
Residence Central Croatia
Congress member of Croatia
25 February 2009 – 25 April 2009
Minister of Education of Croatia
April 2009 – February 2010
Ambassador of Croatia
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal*.png Supreme Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Selector was born during the first baby boom in Croatia in January 2009. As he realized the opportunity his country has, he started to work hard to get involved in every aspect of the community. He spent lot of time reading forums and talking with experienced players so he could catch up with them, gain their trust and deserve their respect.

At the beginning

Selector is a member of Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka party. He joined this party thanks to IVAN RADMAN who helped Selector a lot in his first days. Selector started to work in Radman's HR Grain company after he returned from his first fights in Sweden and Romania.

Society Activity

After Split1700 replaced Roby Petric and became the second president of Croatia, Selector was named as a Croatian Ministry of Education assistant. He was one the most important people when Wiki was translated to Croatian. After MoE minister Andycro announced project Wiki over, Selector started to work on other projects.

On of them was to re-establish Crveni Kriz RH (Red Cross of Croatia). This was a pretty hard because this institution was robbed few weeks earlier by Jegulja. But Selector did a great job collecting donations all over the world from Croatians. He helped, through Crveni Kriz RH hundreds of citizens. Except Crveni Kriz RH he also established with The_K Ured dobrodoslice (Welcoming Comitee). These two institutions were very important in v1.

After that, he discovered Croatian Ministry of Education isn't doing what it was supposed to. So he made a deal with Friend Freeman to take over whole Ministry. Plan was to make tutorials, get all national organizations together under one Ministry, development of Mentor program for e-babies and development of #e-Skola channel for new players, adding site and forum under MO as well. During that time Venax was elected as MO minister, but she didn't even play the game in that period of time. Friend Freeman and Selector were writing her name down in every article and nobody had a clue that national hero Venax is actually absent from the game. After she heard for her popularity she came back, helping both of them. Selector started to gather a team of people that was supposed to help in Ministry of Education. Players such as Mr Dalibor and Ancica1804 were included in the work. Today those two are one of the most important people in Croatian education projects.

Then he died. Just before v2 started, RL forced Selector to stop playing. But he got back after a year and a half and started to play actively in summer 2011.

Selector was elected five times as a Congress member. He also had an offer to be Ministry of Labor Director but refused this function. Selector was a Croatian Ambassador in USA. He established there first Croatian Embassy and helped Croatia and USA get more connected. He was Croatian Ambassador in Bulgaria.

Selector is also a national site forum Administrator. He's in charge of team working at site. Forum was almost abandoned in v2 and beginning of v3. Croatian prime minister berinni asked him to help with Ahileus (known as Mr Dalibor). They did a great job and forum is now active.

Economic activity

At the beginning Selector was a monetary market dealer. He also was a retailer for a short time. After that he bought half of Gdf Grain Q2 company. The other half was already owned by IVAN RADMAN.

Selector also was the owner of Invest_Org Organization with companies Taubek (Q1 Food) and Plahuter (Q1 Gift). These two were opened in time when you couldn't find a single gift or just a few food products on the market. Selector and Kadaj (Selector's partner and 50% owner in these companies) where selling food and gifts for a much cheaper price to Crveni Kriz RH then it could be found on the market and they sacrificed their money to help people in Croatia.

Today, economic activity is lower because of the pause in the game and lack of gold. Selector became a soldier so spending his all money, instead of investing, resulted in smaller number of owned companies. But plan is to start with saving and active participation in money making.