Senate Rules of the Netherlands

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Exclamation.png Outdated!

This is a old page and is no longer a law, please proceed to the Lawbook of the Netherlands

Article 1 – Organization of the Senate

  • 1. The Senate of the Netherlands is made up of 3 members called Senators.
  • 2. One Senator will act as the Head of the Senate. He will be chosen by the current Senators through an internal vote.
  • 3. An up-to-date list of Senators will be published on the forum.
  • 4. Senators will stay in office for a minimum of 3 months, or be dismissed according to clause A3.
  • 5. Senators can be removed from office at all times by the following means: a) Resignation of office - Voluntary resignation for personal reasons. b) Internal vote - Senators can be removed from office by their peers for several reasons, including, but not restricted to, inactivity and misconduct. c) Congress vote - Senators can be removed from office by Congress vote. This vote will be considered a Vote of No Confidence, as defined in the Congress Rules. d) Election as Country President - A Senator who is elected as Country President will be honorably discharged from the Senate.
  • 6. If a vacancy exists, a topic will be posted in the Congress Debate section where candidates can apply. After a 24 hour candidacy period, a Congress vote will be started. The candidate(s) with the highest amount(s) of votes will be appointed Senator. (Depending on the number of vacancies.)
  • 7. Senators who are also members of Congress will not be allowed to vote on issues regarding the Senate.
  • 8. If there is a tie in an internal Council vote, the Head of the Senate will have the deciding vote.

Article 2 – Senate guidelines

  • 1. Senators will act independently of party lines and ideology.
  • 2. Topics that are marked Senate Only are for Senators only. Discussion of these topics outside of the Senate is only allowed if agreed upon by the other Senators or the Head of the Senate.

Article 3 – Role of the Senate

  • 1. Senators will act as global moderators of the NL forum. The Chairman of Congress will have the final say on all Congress forums and will be ultimately responsible.
  • 2. Senators will act as operators of the #eunl channel.
  • 3. The Head of the Senate will have access to the passwords of all governmental organizations. The Head of the Senate must provide the Country President with these passwords when the latter assumes office or if any of the passwords are changed.
  • 4. When there is doubt if a certain law or amendment is compatible with other laws or the Constitution, the Senate can be asked to decide. This decision will be final and binding.

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