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The position of Senate Speaker is a Government Position in Australia. This position is restricted to Current Australian Senators, and is responsible for keeping order in [Senate Hall. Senate Speakers are unable to be involved in the Australian Cabinet.

See Also: Government Positions of Australia

Category: Parliamentary
Government Body: Senate
Department: Speaker
Reports to: The Senate as a whole
Position Allocation: Nomination and Vote by the Senate according to the Constitution and / or Act of Parliament.

Job Purpose: The Speaker and Deputy Speaker are responsible for Moderating topics on the Senate Forums, for closing topics and moving them into the Voting Hall for the Senate to vote after the elapsed time. They are responsible for Tallying the votes and making them known, as well as locking the voting topics after the elapsed timeframe. They are required to move Votes and Topics into the correct Archived Forums after the appropriate elapsed timeframe. They are responsible for the Posting of Acts and other Policies into the Policies forum should those responsible initially for the task be unable to do so.

Previous Senate Speakers

January 2009:
February 2009:
March 2009
April 2009 Preditorian
May 2009 Preditorian
June 2009: Melchizedek Smith
July 2009: Melchizedek Smith
August 2009: Coppr
September 2009: Aussie Vegeta
October 2009: Dean Kong
November 2009:
December 2009:
January 2010: Alex Australis
February 2010: Xavier Griffith
March 2010: Binda33
April 2010: Infin
May 2010: Binda33
June 2010: Aeros
July 2010: Infin
August 2010: Kyle Thornton
September 2010: Venja
October 2010: Bowen Eley
November 2010: Majester
December 2010: Majester
January 2011: Banzai/Flatty
February 2011: Xavier Griffith
March 2011: Majester
April 2011: Majester
May 2011: Yobbo McSweeny
June 2011: Binda33
July 2011: Binda33
August 2011: Timeoin


Previous Deputy Speakers

January 2009:
February 2009:
May 2009:
June 2009: Newt Gingrich
July 2009: Newt Gingrich
August 2009:
September 2009: Mark Sanchez
October 2009: Mark Sanchez
November 2009:
December 2009:
January 2010 Calbe, Sir David Newton

Previous Senate Speaker/ Deputy Speaker Elections:

January 2009

February 2009

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009

Senate Speaker
Preditorian: 26
Melchizedek Smith: 8 [1]

Deputy Senate Speaker
eViL nUt 15
Australian Warlord 7
Icey1174 0
Alex Australis 13 [2]

June 2009

Senate Speaker Melchizedek Smith

Deputy Senate Speaker Newt Gingrich

July 2009

Senate Speaker
Melchizedek Smith 15
Newt Gingrich 14 [3]

Deputy Senate Speaker
Mark Sanchez 7
Newt Gingrich 10*
(11 - Senate Speaker Melchizedek Smith voted to break the tiebreak) [4]

August 2009

September 2009

Senate Speaker
Aussie Vegeta: 11
Mark Sanchez: 4
Paul Hamon: 4 [5]

Deputy Senate Speaker
Mark Sanchez: 7
Guy Baumber: 6
Aussie Vegeta: 4
Corey Blake: 4 [6]

October 2009

Dean Kong was elected as the Senate Speaker.
Mark Sanchez was re-eleced as Deputy Speaker.

November 2009

December 2009

January 2010

Senate Speaker:
Alex Australis 19
Brenflakes 7
Sir David Newton 11 [8]

Deputy Senate Speaker:
Guy Baumber 3
Calbe 12
Majester 6
Brenflakes 11

February 2010

March 2010

April 2010

May 2010

June 2010

July 2010

August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

December 2010


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