Serbian Special Forces

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Serbian Special Forces

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General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Colors blue, grey, black, red

Serbian Special Forces (SSF) is a military formation that consist of four paramilitary units in Serbia: Front of Heroes, White Eagles, Vukovi (Wolves) and Guardian Angels.


Formation was created in 2011, one of the co-founders was Dimitrij lvanov . SSF had nearly 300 soldiers with overall strength around ~7000. They fought in several crucial fights for ONE.[1]

SSF was originally made of five paramilitary units in Serbia:

  • Front of Heroes,
  • Guardian Angels,
  • Tesla Troopers,
  • Vukovi (Wolves),
  • White Eagles.

In November 2013, Tesla Troopers left the SSF.

SSF units

FRONT - Front of Heroes

GA - Guardian Angels


WE - White Eagles