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Nationality Flag-Republic of Moldova.png Moldovan
Date of birth 03 February 2010
Date of death  ?
Residence Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Chisinau
Sex Male
Political party Frontul National Patriotic
Newspaper WordPress
President of Republic of Moldova
6th August 2011 – 5th September 2011
Preceded by Gheronda
Succeeded by alllex85
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

SergiuSky was former president of Republic of Moldova.


He was born on February 3, 2010. His teacher in his early life was Mythrutz, future president of eMoldova.

Political activity

He was president of different parties during his political life, such as Moldovenist party, Moldova Independenta, Partidul National, Uniti Sub Tricolor, and Frontul National Patriotic.

He served as Minister and vice-minister of ethnic problems during different governments, MoFA of Moldova, vice-minister of economy and counsellor of different political persons. He became 18 times member of Congress and served with truth and honor to his country. But his biggest achievement was to become the president of Republic of Moldova.


During his presidency, Moldova got to the highest power it ever had, it was implied in the first Ukrainian war during 5 august - 13 august, having conquered 4 territories from Ukraine.

The second ONE - Ukrainian War was started on 15 august, at the declaration of NE of Serbian president to Ukraine, and the request of the Ukrainian government and of the pressure of Lithuanian government on Moldova. Moldova had the role of mediator between the growing power of ONE alliance and the weakening Eden alliance. In the condition of hard times, Moldova, under the rule of SergiuSky, found the power to remain strong.

After having won Podolia, during the second war, Moldova attacked Bukovina, where they faced a true force - ONE forces that prepared the soil for the Hungarian invasion of Ukraine, and the battle was lost, then a RW was started in Podolia, which was liberated by rebels, but after the auto-attack of Ukraine, Moldova defended Northern Basarabia. That was the end of the war, because Moldova had no direct border with Ukraine. Ukraine was conquered and Moldova remained isolated between two giants: Serbia and Hungary.

Interesting FACTS

During the conquer of Moldova by Romania, he became the leader of the Moldovan Resistance and organized a rebellion with the Help of Russia (ex-Phoenix member, then Terra member) and Hungary (ex-Phoenix member, then ONE member). The rebellion was a success, Hungary attacked in power Transnistria and Northern Basarabia and the resistance forces liberated Chisinau and Southern Basarabia, so that finally Moldova appeared on map, after that all the territories were liberated. That's why PRO-Unionist members of different parties in the eRepublik of Moldova declared him pro-ONE adept which is not true, as he continued a moderated policy toward neighbours.