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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Servico de eTutorado
Logo of Servico de eTutorado
Owners Marcelo Rodrigues, Luis1989, Julio de Matos
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Headquarters Centro
Founded 3rd July 2009
Services Guiding new players

Created on July 3rd 2009 as a privatization of the Sistema de eTutorado (eTutoring System) run by ePortuguese Government, Servico de eTutorado (eTutoring Service), also known as SeT, was an organization devoted to help ePortuguese new citizens to fit in the New World.

The SeT had a special agreement with the Government, who gave/traded money, gifts or Q1 Houses, effectively helping the citizens of tomorrow.

It had also one important and delicate rule to the teachers, upheld dutifully by the administrators: DO NOT influence in ANY way the political decision of the student

Comprised of voluntary citizens who devote their time to teach and guide rookies, this organization follows a pyramidal scheme with 3 administrators, an ever-growing number of Teachers and Students.

Servico de eTutorado.png

The Administrators

The Administrator was an eLife-long role, chosen by ePortuguese citizens through voting.

They effectively run the Service, accepting Mentors, attributing Pupils (Students), updating ePortuguese citizens and organizing lotteries and other sorts of games to raise money used primarily to buy gifts used to reward the successful integration and activeness of the rookie within the community.

Administrator Avatar
Marcelo Rodrigues Citizen1242838.jpg
Luis1989 Citizen1365894.jpg
Julio de Matos Citizen664132.jpg

The Tutors/Mentors/Teachers

If the administrators were the cogs of the SeT system, tutors were the fuel that made them run.

They are volunteers, who are willing to spend their time to teach new citizens how the game works, its politics, Portuguese and foreign situation and their lifestyle. The kind of stuff not found on any FAQs or Tutorials.

Any tutor could choose how many students he/she wants to handle.

The Pupils/Students

They were the reason SeT exists. Its whole existence was to educate the new citizens into the New World ways and its whole duty was to them.

eRepublik was a very simple, yet very complex game, and they're completely lost like a freaking candle in the freaking illuminati wind of wars, alliances, politics, presidents, ways, rules, and their Mentors are their express boat out of oblivion


The future is right here, trying to learn and crying for help.

Guiding the future of the New World, this kind of help is never enough.