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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 14 January 2009
Day 421
Date of death summer 2010
Residence Dublin
Sex Male
Party president of Irish Radical Party
10th July 2009 – 2009
Vice president of Ireland
5th May 2009 – 5th July 2009
Preceded by Michael Collins
Succeeded by Aran Tal
Party president of Irish Union Party
15th April 2009 – 10th July 2009
Preceded by Igor Thunderbrow
Succeeded by patton
Congress member of Ireland
25th March 2009 – 2009
Minister of Defense of Ireland
5th June 2009 – 5th July 2009
Preceded by Top Gun
Succeeded by Aran Tal
Minister of Information of Ireland
5th April 2009 – 5th May 2009
Preceded by Top Gun
Succeeded by Starks Hayter
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Severin joined eRepublik on the 14th of January 2009, having come across the site on wikipedia. He became a resident of Ireland. For the duration of his first month Severin only signed in to buy food, train and work (knowing his initial consistency would later be rewarded). He gradually began to observe the Irish press and political scene while remaining silent.

Towards the end of February Severin joined the Irish Freedom Party and ran a quiet campaign for Congress as a virtually unknown candidate. He failed to attain a seat and disillusioned with corruption within the IFP, he left the party. While publicly denouncing corruption within his former party, Severin was befriended by one, Igor Thunderbrow. Disheartened by corruption in Ireland Severin decided to focus on the economic aspect of the game and set up Severin Organization. The organization later set up 'Diamond Hearts '(A Q2 Gift Company).

Diamond Hearts, while first just breaking even later began to achieve profits. It was around this time Severin started the newspaper 'Severin Says'. The newspaper published articles aimed at helping new citizens who joined Ireland during the population boom. After much party jumping, Severin decided to make the Irish Union Party his permanent home. They are many reasons Severin joined the party: he was fan of Nithraldur's term as Country President; he began to argue with and against Igor in the Irish Media and the idea of middle ground politics very much appealed to him. Severin decided to run for Congress again in March, for the Irish Union Party and achieved more votes in the election than any other candidate running.

Severin used his Congressional pay to donate gifts to the Health Ministry and while in office managed to get both his proposals passed (one reducing the citizen fee to 5 IEP, the other increasing the minimum wage to 3 IEP). Both proposals remain unchanged today. At this time, Severin set up Severin Global and used the organization to donate cheap diamonds to Diamond Hearts (which acquired an export license to Brazil). The company quickly began to make good profits. Impressed with Severin's skills as a journalist Top Gun appointed him Minister of Information. After Igor left eRepublik Severin decided to run for Party president of the Irish Union Party and managed to beat Inquitus.

While Party President Severin pmed every member, wrote articles aimed at reforming the party and later set up a new party forum. With the help of dedicated members, Severin managed to thwart a national trend against the IUP and revived the party. Very much preoccupied with the role of Party President Severin closed down Diamond Hearts and later sold the company. Furthermore, he was once again successful in getting elected into Congress in April.

Severin announced Nithraldur for President in May and had the honor of being Nith's running mate and helped write the manifesto. Nithraldur was elected President of Ireland and as Vice president Severin began progress on setting up an International Conference. Severin was successful in getting re-elected Party President of the Irish Union Party and after a long wait for his wiki account, finally managed to update the party's wiki page.

Severin was once again successful in retaining his Congress seat in May and was very happy with the amount of seats the Irish Union Party won. After an internal party vote Severin put forward Nithraldur for re-election and ran again as his running mate. Before the election Severin published two articles aimed at dispelling attacks against the IUP and Nith. Despite every other party coming together under the 'Alliance for Change' Nithraldur was successful in getting re-elected with a 19 vote lead. Severin was later appointed Minister of Defense. Despite his appointment being scrutinized Severin soon re-assured people that he was quite capable to take on the role.

Severin's efforts to reform the IDF were delayed having sent the troops to on a peace keeping mission in Latvia and having to prepare for a mock war with the UK when they got home. He appointed Grainne Ni Mhaille as his Deputy and made efforts to reorganize divisions and keep as many troops as possible supplied.

Unfortunately his efforts to improve the IDF were cut short and because of real life issues (mainly relocation). Severin was absent from eRepublik for 2 weeks. Severin put his name down for Congress before he left and despite being away was elected back into Congress. Once he returned he quickly tried to make up for his absence and made numerous public apologies. In an attempt to present the Irish voters with some choice on election day he put forward the incumbent Nithraldur for reelection and wrote a few articles reflecting on the election.

Very much fed up with the status quo in Ireland (same party politics, administrative setup etc) Severin boldly decided to resign as Party President of the Irish Union Party (confident it was in safe hands) and founded the Irish Radical Party on the 10th of July. He was joined by Final Destiny and Grainne Ni Mhaille and later, many more. Severin wrote articles in media outlining the party, designed the party logo, setup a party forum and started up the party wiki page. In an effort to expose the flaws of status quo Severin wrote a popular albeit controversial article critiquing Ireland's current administration. He very much is enjoying his role as Party President and regularly messages party members. Since it's foundation the IRP's member list has jumped from 10 to 38. Furthermore, Severin has once again taken up a more active role as a Congressman on Ireland's forum.