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Perm banned.png
Permanently banned
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnian
Date of birth March 24, 2009
Date of death August 2009
Sex Male
Newspaper eCNN newspaper
Congress member of Bosnia and Herzegovina
April 26, 2009 – June 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina
May 5, 2009 – June 5, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen suspended for usage of multiple accounts

ShadowFoxBiH lived in Ukraine and was involved with the BiH Elite Special Unit Drake. His death by permanent banning happened sometime in August 2009. His successor was ShadowFoxeBiH, a robust new person with the same ambitions as the old one.

Personal Life

ShadowFoxBiH began life in the New World on March 24, 2009 in the new country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He began to learn the aspects of the game and get used to life in the New World. After the Congressional Elections and Icon - Gold.gif 500 GOLD incident he decided to leave his homeland, so he left for Germany where he worked for a while before moving down to Florida, USA. Eventually, after eronet lost the election bid for Presidency in Bosnia he came back to his homeland after realising how horrible the economy was in Florida. After coming back he moved from job to job before ending up working for Grain Zlatnih Ljiljana a company at that time owned by senco_panza. Before he died, he lived in Donbas, Ukraine where he worked for an iron company as well as being the Director of the Bosnian Training Companies and XO of Drake.

Political Life

After the recession began in Bosnia and Herzegovina he noticed the need to buy food from domestic businesses so he sprang into action and bought over 140 pieces of Quality 2 bread, spending about Icon - Gold.gif 14 GOLD in the process to help the businesses out. After that, ShadowFoxBiH became known as the Food Hero of eBiH and his candidacy for Congress became widespread with support behind it. During the election on April 24, 2009 he received a total of 9 votes tying him for second and giving him a seat in Congress. On April 30, 2009 it was officially announced that ShadowFoxBiH would be taking the new position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was a member of the party Liberalna Stranka BiH in eBiH. Officially as of May 15, 2009 ShadowFoxBiH retired from his political career to work with the military


ShadowFoxBiH after buying some gold and saving up what he had from before bought Grain Zlatnih Ljiljana from senco_panza and mentalitA for Icon - Gold.gif 20 GOLD. The company began as a quality 1 grain business but has been upgraded to quality 2 grain and had a total of 8 employees. As of May 2, 2009 Firma Nova eBiH and Patriotska Liga BiH have joined together to run Food Zlatnih Ljiljana and Grain Zlatnih Ljiljana as well as Australian Diamond and Iran Housing Q1 and Q2.


ShadowFoxBiH runs and owns the eCNN newspaper with a few popular articles.