Shenanigans Party

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Shenanigans Party

Party-Shenanigans Party.png‎
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation SP
Founded September, 2013
President Sal T. Balls
Members 8
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Ministry of Opportunity
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Anarchist

Following the ending of Ministry of Opportunity, Shenanigans Party was created to fill a void left open by the Canadian style of serious politics.

The Shenanigans Party was an anarchist party of Canada. Based on a true ideal of freedom of identity, even citizens from other parties can claim of being shenanigoons, the official member's name. However, only party members can follow the road of true enlightenment.


 E Unum Pluribus 

The Party's objective is to give Canadian's politics some semblance of fun, retrieving the game's original spirit for party politics, lost along the way by old Canadian grudges.

The path of a true shenanigoon is based on several basic mantras:

  1. No lords. No masters. All equals. All free. All right.
  2. No power. Power is the shackle that binds the foolish.
  3. Those who are transparent as water are as destructive as a wave.
  4. All castles are made of sand. All work is temporary. Bragging is for power lepers.
  5. Commit yourself to have fun at the expense of the game.
  6. Every Forfeit Point gained in the pursuit of happiness, reason and arson is a badge towards martyrdom.
  7. Every Man and Woman is a potential shenanigoon. Treat them like your children and educate them.
  8. Remember the past not by evoking it to the old, but by teaching it to the new.

Known Leaders

Cabinet Position Name Period
High Lord of Filled Bowls Sal T. Balls 16 Sept. - 15 Oct. 2013


Founded on 16th of September, Shenanigans Party had their presidential elections debut nineteen days later on the 5th of October, supporting a candidate and fellow shenanigoon Dr .Manhattan who, with a strong and powerful campaign, gathered the votes of the unsatisfied masses and achieved the second place on the Presidential Elections.

 I'm also good at defeating are (sic) enemies 
(Dr .Manhattan)

Following this success, in following elections in November, the party nominated Wilfie who unfortunately ended up last winning only 9 votes.


Holidays are ways to remember individual citizens, members or not, who had done devious deeds against the status quo.

Day of the Dawg

 38. That whole “IPC-CW-MDP Impeachment Plot” sounds a bit too much like tin-foil hat fantasy now that I read it. What would Clancy do? Crichton would have dinosaurs or something. Why didn’t I have dinosaurs. Douglas Adams always had the right answer. I dunno… 

In the 25th of September 2013, fellow shenanigoon Wilfie launched a friendly Impeachment[1] in order to prevent a most likely successful attempt at removing the Canadian president in office by the Congress on the following seven days. Doing so, Wilfie upset the major opposing faction on the political scene.