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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth July 12th 2012
Date of death 2015 (est)
Residence Eastern Serbia
Sex Male
Newspaper eLife Times
Congress member of Pakistan
26/08/2012 – 24/09/2012
26/09/2012 – 24/10/2012
Head of Congress of Pakistan
26/09/2012 – 24/10/2012
Succeeded by Dio_Eraclea
Congress member of Pakistan
26/10/2012 – 24/11/2012
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
07/01/2013 – 23/01/2013
Served under Dio_Eraclea
Preceded by Sparkfyre
Succeeded by Dio_Maximus
Party president of Democratic Party of Pakistan
16/01/2013 – 7/05/2013
Preceded by TheJakal
Succeeded by TheJakal
President of Pakistan
7/04/2013 – 6/05/2013
Preceded by St0L3n1
Succeeded by Faris Khawaja
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Shin Gouki was a prominent citizen, journalist, former Congress member, and an active politician in Pakistan.

Being among the younger generation of Politicians, Shin Gouki has many achievements in the national politics of Pakistan. He is a founding member of the Democratic Party of Pakistan and among the first Senators appointed by the ruling government of Pakistan. He previously held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Party President of the Democratic Party of Pakistan. Shin Gouki was also the President of Pakistan.

Early Life

Shin hails from the harsh regions of Afghanistan and his exact origins are unknown to most but he is a descendant of the war loving Pakhtun tribes of the north. During his infant years Shin was sent to Japan, where he was trained the art of Shotokan Karate by master Goutetsu. His original name is unknown but historical documents state that Master Goutetsu named him "Shin Gouki", which roughly translates to "True Great Demon". The murderous styles and teachings taught to Shin, soon corrupted him and led him to challenge Goutetsu, inevitably murdering him in front of the other pupils. After mastering the Hadoken, the Shoryuken and the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Shin Gouki fought and destroyed his colleagues and left for Afghanistan. His adolescent years were spent seeking for the lost tribes of the Pakhtuns and during this search, Shin was stuck in an ice storm. Frozen beneath the thick layers of ice, Shin hibernated and the freezing temperatures cooled him, eventually getting rid of most of what was evil within him.

Nearly a century passed and the modern age of man had come to the world. The new world brought with its weapons of mass destruction and the evil of a different kind. A war in Balochistan caused the glacier to melt, ultimately letting Shin free from this captive block of ice. He emerged in a world where his acquired skills of martial arts were close to obsolete and the world had ever so evolved. This is when Shin began a new journey and gathered as much knowledge as he could on how to live in the New World.

He searched for an opportunity to earn a living and it ended when he was introduced to a struggling Politician, TheJakal. TheJakal & Ishamael Naeblis had formed an opposition Political Party by the name of "The Saeen Party". TSP had recently failed in electing Ishamael Naeblis as the Country President of Pakistan. The candidate had been defeated by ClusterStorms, even though he received 40% of votes. During this period of time, Shin joined TSP and became fluent with politics and his passion for journalism began during these times. He established a Media Firm by the name of eLife Times, hoping to one day turn it into a Media Empire.

ELife Times became a success and the readers of Pakistan quickly read the articles and the wealth of knowledge being transferred to them. During this period of time, Shin managed to bridge the differences between his friend TheJakal & the ruling elite of Pakistan. He acted wisely and brought the foes together for the betterment of the nation. He sacrificed time and effort in order to make both parties agree to each other's terms and conditions and a new era began. TSP was able to elect it's first Country President during these times and Shin was appointed as a member of Pakistan's Senate.

The evil lurks to this day within Shin Gouki, yet his patriotism controls it. Many fear his trollish actions and are threatened by the demon which resides inside, yet rests assured they have not witnessed the true evil that defines him. He diverts his focus and energy on war and battles, killing all that comes in front of him, sparing none but Children and Women. He lives a life according to the PakhtunWali, the codes and conducts of a Pakhtun. Some confuse him to be a dioist, however, he admires the work of Dio Brando and lives and eats among his Dioist brothers, yet nobody knows what lurks in his heart and mind.

Democratic Party of Pakistan

During the passage of time, Shin realized that TSP was nothing but a regional party. The party attracted people from the province of Sindh and reflected Sindhi Culture. This is when he forced TheJakal to rename the party and restructure it and after a lot of brainstorming, the Democratic Party of Pakistan came into existence. DPP was a vision shared by its founding members and the main objective was to introduce a political party in Pakistan which reflected true democracy and opposed Elitism. The Democratic Party of Pakistan has been successful ever since.

Self Exile

The DPP & ruling parties of Pakistan had fielded a joint candidate. Mohammad Bilal, a young politician from Pakistan was appointed on the request of a dear friend. Matters went bitter when Mohammad Bilal secretly tried to assault a senior member of the DPP and such an act of immaturity was not taken well by Shin. He protested and wrote journals against those who were trying to keep Elitism alive and the moment came when Shin migrated to Serbia as a sign of protest. During this journey, he met with the ruling members of Serbia. dorks was the then Country President of Serbia and his hospitality astonished Shin. He spent memorable days with a member of HAJDUCI, a leading Serbian Military Unit and fought by their side.

Return to Pakistan

The magnificent journey to Pakistan ended when fellow members of the DPP called upon Shin. Upon his return, the unfortunate robbery of the State Bank of Pakistan took place. The former governor of the State Bank along with his accomplices had robbed the national treasury of Pakistan and fled. It should be noted that Shin never held Mohammad Bilal guilty for the crime, however, the nation knew of the real perpetrators. During these hard times, TheJakal was fielded as the DPP's candidate and was elected twice by the help of Shin. Shin campaigned hard for the success of the Democratic Party of Pakistan and was elected twice as a member of congress and during one of those terms, Shin was also elected as the Head of Congress. Shin Gouki served under Dio_Eraclea as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He struggled and strived to end the illegal occupation of Pakistan's region by the oppressor, China. He resigned from his position as MoFA due to unavoidable circumstances and currently focuses on improving the Democratic Party of Pakistan.

Military Service

Shin Gouki was first enlisted as a recruit in the Pakistan Army. He fought many battles for Pakistan in Div1 and Div2. He received various awards by the Ministry of Defense for his accomplishments for Pakistan. After his exile to Serbia he joined HAJDUCI as a mercenary and remained loyal to his new commanding officer dorks. His return to Pakistan enabled him to once again serve for the Pakistan Army and he gradually ranked higher and higher. Pakistan Army F.C. was established recently and Shin joined the F.C. as the 2nd Commander, due to confusion and his absence Shin was recently removed from the Unit and he decided to join Lashker. TheJakal persuaded Shin to rejoin the Guards of Green.

Political & Government Service

  • Former Country President of Pakistan
  • Former Party President of the Democratic Party of Pakistan
  • Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan
  • Former Member of Congress Government of Pakistan
  • Former Head of Congress Government of Pakistan
  • Former Member of the Senate Government of Pakistan
  • Former Ambassador of Pakistan in Venezuela
  • Former Ambassador of Pakistan in Bulgaria
  • Founding Member of the Democratic Party of Pakistan

Famous Articles Published by eLIFE TIMES


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