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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
National rank 0
Date of birth 13.12.2007 - Day 23
Residence Jamtland Harjedalen, Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Two persons in eRepublik are known as Shoot -- the original owner of the account and the person who bought it. The former shoot was president of Germany and Sweden, as well as a long-term EDEN Supreme Commander. In February 2010, he sold his account for Icon - Gold.gif 4000 GOLD to a Turkish player, which he later exchanged for Flag-European Union.jpg 500 €.

The new 'shoot' was a citizen of Russia and Spain respectively, and hasn't been banned despite breaching eRep Laws which forbid to buy accounts.


Shoot was a very reliable worker. He has received 28 Hard Worker medals.


He served 3 terms as a Congress Member of Germany, from March until June 2009.
He served 2 terms as President, once as President of Germany and once as President of Sweden.

His activity in Germany was known as one of the best political takeovers of a country. Shoot was a Swedish spy posing as German-American student, being elected as Congress member on three occasions and even served in the government as a Minister of Interior between April and June 2009.

One version of how this operation was is to be read in the article Who is Shoot and what happened? that is written by Kape. Shoot made sure that Germany lost all battles against Sweden, resulting in another wipe of Germany. Shoot would later move to Sweden and work in the government, before eventually becoming president of Sweden later that year.

Party membership


Frontier Psychiatrist was the newspaper owned and published by Shoot, although only one article is available to be read in the newspaper.


Other Interesting Facts